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Winter back again 


Last week’s rainy days had taken away most of the snow and people were complaining about global warming.  But the snow and the winter vibe came back. It snowed so much the last two days that Tromsø turned into a Winter Wonderland one more time.  Oh! You won’t believe how happy the skiers are! 

University looked lovely with the white veil this afternoon. 

I had a nice time keeping him company while he was smoking, at my favorite ‘breather’ space.  


Project Happiness 365: Day 5


I had a good sleep for two days in a row and then I jinxed it. It wasn’t an all nighter but I went to bed at around 4 in the morning. It’s not good when you have to go to work for 7 hours the next day. But never mind. I managed to sleep for few hours at least.

I’m alone right now. Bf has gone down south to meet his family for holidays. I will soon be joining him. It’s my first Norwegian Christmas or as a matter of fact, it is my first Christmas. I am quite excited. They are nice people. Mama and Little sister are one of the loveliest people I have ever met. They have given me so much love. Sometimes it is hard to believe. 🙂

Day 5: Winter Wonderland Tromsø

It has been snowing so much now. I had never seen real snow in my life before I came to Tromsø but when I actually saw it I was a bit disappointed. LOL! I thought snow is a bit overrated. Ya! Grumpy old me! But being with my bf has changed that view. The first time I met him, we went on a walk to this beautiful trail in Tromsdalen on a snowy winter day. It was beautiful. Ever since then, I love going on a walk in the snowy trails. Walking in a snowy road on a dead, dark night with an awesome track blaring on the headset is quite an amazing experience. And coming home to your warm cozy room after that walk is probably the best feeling in the world.

Winter Wonderland

This picture was taken in December last year after a cozy dinner with my friends in one of the student housing. One of my favourite friends was leaving Norway. So, it was a sort of farewell dinner. It snowed so much that walking across the houses was a real struggle. We were laughing and sliding and taking pictures. I took this picture when we were going to get some alcohol from another friend’s house. I feel like this picture pretty much summarizes why Tromsø is a winter wonderland. The dark night, that house, those trees, the light and pile of snow make the whole composition quite surreal. So, this picture is a memory of happy snowy winter days and life long friendship.