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Winter back again 


Last week’s rainy days had taken away most of the snow and people were complaining about global warming.  But the snow and the winter vibe came back. It snowed so much the last two days that Tromsø turned into a Winter Wonderland one more time.  Oh! You won’t believe how happy the skiers are! 

University looked lovely with the white veil this afternoon. 

I had a nice time keeping him company while he was smoking, at my favorite ‘breather’ space.  


Project Happiness 365: Day 56


Today’s lesson: Don’t justify to other people of what you think about any difficult subject,  specially if it is a situation where giving your two cents means getting into an unwanted argument. They will believe what they want to believe. Most importantly nobody wants to be told that they are wrong and that it doesn’t necessarily always have to be someone else’s fault. But well it’s very difficult for me to keep my mouth shut sometimes and not blurt out what I see wrong.
I will try to keep these lessons in mind. But my goal is not to transfer the negativity around.  So, I am not gonna grind into it anymore. I would rather tell you how good the day went.
Even though I woke up late, I managed to go to university and read. I have structured what sections of my thesis I want to write. I am getting there soon enough. 

Day 56: For old times sake

After a long time,  I spent my day at Cafe Bodega at University.  I have my share of good and bad memories with it. I volunteered there for two semesters. The first semester was amazing.  But second one was shitty. It ruined all my previous experience with the cafe.
I loved that place so much.  There was a time when I spent my birthday working there. I met my boyfriend for the first time there. So, you can imagine how much this place means to me.
But last semester after all the stressful and bad experiences,  I stopped going there altogether.  Every time I was there, I was filled with negative energy and I came back sad. However today I told myself that I am not gonna let those memories ruin this special place.  I would forget all the bad things and go there with a renewed sense of positivity and manifest the love I have for it.
And it worked. I met Alex and as always we had nice conversation about music,  art, University and books. I talked to couple of random people and managed to have a good time.  I left with a happy heart and I can bet they did too. Here’s a picture of the cafe from last year.


So, even though the day did not go as planned (didn’t get his books and still waiting eagerly for the mouthwatering cheese cake with blueberries and  strawberries), I still feel happy.
It’s the same feeling as coming home after being estranged for a long time.