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And I graduated! 


I am finally done with my studies. I delivered my thesis on music and indigenous identity and had an oral defense.  And I graduated.  Yes! Done with MPhil in Indigenous Studies.  Yay! 😊 I will be getting back to the blog with something new soon. Stay tuned.  

Here are some pictures of sunny beautiful Tromsø I took from the plane some time ago while I was flying down to Oslo. 


North Norwegian Escape 


Last week we were lucky to have beautiful sunny days. It gave me lots of energy to wake up early and go out for a lunch at my new hangout ‘Dragøy’ in Kysten Hus. The place has amazing view and you also have a chance to meet and talk to some interesting people.  

I also went for a walk around the city and took some pictures.  Just have a look! 

If you have not visited this amazing Norwegian city also known as the Paris of the North, then you should.  Plan your trip, trust me you won’t be disappointed. 😊

Project Happiness 365: Day 336


You won’t believe how lucky I feel today! On our flight back to Tromsø, I looked out of the window and I saw this swirling air. He was asleep but I woke him up and asked what it was. He said it looked like an airbend. Then I said, ‘Isn’t that Northern lights?’ He exclaimed ‘Ah yes! you should try taking some pictures.’ I did and I couldn’t have been happier with the results. It grew stronger and stronger and I managed to take quite a lot of pictures with my phone camera. 

Spectacular, no?  Having an opportunity to see Northern lights from above the clouds is definitely a unique and precious experience! 😊

Project Happiness 365: Day 288


Oh how I love this new spot outside university library called Labyrinth!  Love basking in the sun,  listening to music and studying!  

And Tromsø is basking in the autumn glory!!  😍

Project Happiness 365: Day 258


If you ever decide to travel to Tromsø,  then you should definitely visit this restaurant called Aunegården. They make delicious food, cakes and coffee. The place is a heritage site and they have beautiful interior complete with a wine cellar. The best thing about this place is however the people working there. They are the nicest and most hospitable I have ever met in Tromsø.  

I had a really cozy time this afternoon reading and drinking coffee there. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 215


Sun all day, all-night long, yet you cannot leave your jackets/sweaters because you never know when the temperature drops and you are left shivering.  

Rain, rain and more rain. 

Greenery with several warm hues. 

Misty mountains and beautiful waterscape. 

That’s summer in arctic north. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 213


It’s been raining more. We went for a small walk around the coast. It was wet and slippery.

Life has so many lessons to offer.  Sometimes I think is this ever gonna end. I realized what I am capable of and who I really am. I should not limit myself to anything. I love people but I should not be bound to them.

I want to truly break free because ‘nothing lasts forever but nothing is lost’.


P.S. I started with my project.  Here’s a glimpse of what I am trying.