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Tansen Oh my Tansen!  


Memory of home is hitting me hard. I miss my family,  friends and my hometown so very much! 

Sometimes I wish I could just fly away and get there. 

Tansen,  my hometown in Western part of Nepal is truly a heaven on earth.  

You don’t believe me, look at these pictures :


Project Happiness 365: Day 72


I came across a picture on the internet. It is the picture of my old college. I spent a year studying Physics there which I didn’t like at all to be honest. But I really cherish the time I spent with my best friend skipping classes, going for a hike and roaming around the woods around the college.

Day 72: Batase Danda

The picture of my college almost hidden in the beautiful mystical fog brought back memories.


The difficulty rising up in a cold winter morning after heavy study session past midnight, the night before. My dog Saturn opening the door of my room, pulling my blanket with his teeth, making low whimpers almost as a request for me to get out of the bed. My dad insisting that I should finish the breakfast he prepared, usually a plate of fried rice with egg curry at 4:30 in the morning.  My reluctance to bundle up in ugly winter clothes for the half an hour walk to the college. My brother accompanying me to my friend’s house because it’s still dark outside and not safe for a teenage girl to be walking around alone.

Memories of the early morning walk with my friends and all the chatters we had. The purple hues on the Himalaya range with beautiful grand sunrise in the east, on a cold January morning. The smell of fresh tea and the freshly made doughnuts at the college canteen.

The sound of the radio playing loudly in the distant village on the mountain opposite to the cliff where we were sitting. The wild lashing rain and thunderstorms and the two of us running to find a shelter under an huge peepal tree. The lush green steep Valley lighted by the spring sun. The concert on Valentine’s Day and a group of us sitting with our back towards the stage watching the sunset and the surrounding mountains instead of the bands. Almost background scores to the story of our lives then!

The sadness when my close friends especially my best friend decided to go to India for further studies. (He later admitted that he was madly in love with me that time but never had the courage to express his feelings). The weeks of lonely walks to and fro college hating the class, the  teachers and the very existence.  The final decision to stop trying to delude myself that I enjoy physics and taking a year long sabbatical. Pursuing English literature and archaeology and starting from scratch all over again.

Most importantly, the change that brought to my career, thought pattern and life path.
Everything came back as a flash flood. But everything makes sense now. I feel happy for the lessons I learned.

Sometimes I thank these accidental encounters on the internet.  It makes me realize how lucky and strong I am to be able to go through all those things I went through in my life.