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Countdown to extinction 


It is so difficult for me to find inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to write my thesis.  I just feel so lame. I question my ability to present my arguments and I find it so futile this attempt to tell this story. I don’t know when I started losing my interest to write my thesis. I have less than one and a half month to finish and deliver the thesis but I find it almost impossible to sit down and work every day. I kinda miss writing Project Happiness 365. It gave me so much happiness and also provided me with feeling of accomplishment.  

I was reading a book on writing for scholars and the author makes it pretty clear that writing is a rigorous process that needs time and energy.  Without really putting words on paper,  one can’t really know where s/he stands with his project.

The struggle is still on though.  Meanwhile,  there is sun  in Tromsø now giving me warmth and hope to get through this test. ☀ 


Project Happiness 365: Day 361


I realized today that I have stopped stressing out over things. I don’t claim that I am easy going and chill but something changed. I don’t overthink about little stuffs that used to bother me a lot before for example,  replaying past mistakes and feeling guilty. I am just a human and I have done things that I am not proud of, I just accept them as a part of life lessons. If it wasn’t for those mistakes, I would never be this person here now. 

Loving and accepting yourself sounds overrated but it is the most important favour you can  do to yourself and others. It took me so many years to realise and understand this simple fact. But at least I realized,  that is important! 

Meanwhile, it’s quite dark and cold here in Tromsø and I long for a sunny day like this. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 281


I have been reading a lot. Things are scattered all over the place but I am slowly trying to tie them together. 
The day was so beautiful. The sky was clear,  not a bit of cloud and sun shined gloriously!  

Project Happiness 365: Day 275


Last couple of days have been the best of my life and the worst. Had the most beautiful moments with him yet there was a time when he called me a bully who picks on him and makes his life feel miserable.  I don’t want to let other people drag me down but this time it’s been very difficult.  I am still trying to be strong and truly not give a fuck! 

On a brighter note, I work as a personal assistant to a disabled person. Today I came back to work after many days. His apartment was in a mess but I fixed everything. While I was trimming his nails, he said to me: ‘E, it’s nice to have you back.  You are a very nice person and you are good to people. You must know that there are a lot of people who like you. Everyone likes to be liked. You are liked so, you must know that you are doing something right because people like you.’

I was so moved. Also because of all the things I have been thinking about myself. 

The sun came back. It’s 14 degrees but they are calling it an Indian Summer.  😊 

Project Happiness 365: Day 215


Sun all day, all-night long, yet you cannot leave your jackets/sweaters because you never know when the temperature drops and you are left shivering.  

Rain, rain and more rain. 

Greenery with several warm hues. 

Misty mountains and beautiful waterscape. 

That’s summer in arctic north. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 136


Today has been all about roaming around. There are some random stuffs around the cabin. So, I was just exploring and taking pictures.  Who knows what stories they have? But it’s interesting. 

I went on a walk with him. Sun was bedazzaling. Being here keeps me fit because I love running around. And my appetite is better when I am here. I am all about making food and eating,  eating, eating.  😝

Our beloved visitor is still here. She managed to spun quite cool web throughout yesterday and last night.
I’ll probably send her outside for fresh air tomorrow. She can’t stay inside spinning web all day now, can she?
We just witnessed another beautiful sunset. The beauty doubled by the presence of our distinguished guest.


Here’s one more from my ‘pee den’. 😝😉😀