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“There is a big fluffy cloud floating inside my tiny head”.

I wish I could just be in that space forever.

P.S. I am so in love with my funky pants.


With love from Tromsø


Today I had a chance to visit the Arctic Cathedral for a sermon through work. I had barely been inside there before. The cathedral looked beautiful from the inside. So, it was an interesting experience. Here are some pictures I took of the cathedral and Tromsø.

I have been calm in my head lately. It feels good. ❤



The color of autumn in Tromsø in one picture!

Prestvannet lake, which is 10 mins walk from my student housing, is one of the most beautiful places in Tromsø. I love walking around the lake through the trail near the woods. It is one of such places that never bores me or tires me. Walk around the lake fills me with good energy and rejuvenates me. I am so happy I went there for a walk this afternoon. 🙂

So, what’s new?


This week has been much better. I have been back to work after 24 days. The guy was in hospital and my job was to visit him there during my shift. Being in hospital during the most difficult time of my life didn’t help me that much. It was too depressing to be there. But I tried to be cheerful and kept his spirit high. He is back to his home now and work life is back to the old routine.

So, on a happier note, the green lady is back. A couple of days ago, I had to stay an hour extra at work to help disinfecting the apartment and I was quite tired and annoyed. But when I went out to get the bus home, I witnessed the most amazing northern lights ever. The sky was lighted up in a purple shade and it seemed like I was being blessed with a light shower. I cried my way home because I got so emotional. Here are some phone pictures:

Another happy news this week is that the university instagram page featured one of my photos on their page.I took this picture, one sunny day when I was sitting outside in the sun eating chocolate buns with my best friend. It was the last day we were gonna hangout together as he left for Canada the same day. I just looked up and saw the usual university building in a different perspective and took the shot.

Also, my instagram post about a local restaurant was featured in the travel instagram page about Tromsø. I really love taking pictures so, I feel really happy about it.

The other event that brought smile was that someone baked marble cake and bought flowers n chocolates for me.

It was a very emotional moment for me because the past couple of months have been very difficult and someone doing a kind gesture like this just to make me happy is something priceless. I have been so scared of the display of love, affection and appreciation lately. I want to see good in people without being skeptical of their actions. But it seems difficult. Everytime someone does something nice for me, I start thinking, ‘What the fuck do you want from me in return?’ At the same time, this bitterness that has grown into me is something noone should deal with. Especially not someone who feels so much love for me. I feel like it’s unfair towards these people who show me love. This kind of mindset is definitely a recipe for disaster. I had never imagined that I would be scared of love.

But this phase of my life is for accepting the past and myself. It is also a phase where I am relearning to trust people, to be open to the idea of love and appreciate the appreciation I am receiving again.

And I graduated! 


I am finally done with my studies. I delivered my thesis on music and indigenous identity and had an oral defense.  And I graduated.  Yes! Done with MPhil in Indigenous Studies.  Yay! 😊 I will be getting back to the blog with something new soon. Stay tuned.  

Here are some pictures of sunny beautiful Tromsø I took from the plane some time ago while I was flying down to Oslo. 

Winter back again 


Last week’s rainy days had taken away most of the snow and people were complaining about global warming.  But the snow and the winter vibe came back. It snowed so much the last two days that Tromsø turned into a Winter Wonderland one more time.  Oh! You won’t believe how happy the skiers are! 

University looked lovely with the white veil this afternoon. 

I had a nice time keeping him company while he was smoking, at my favorite ‘breather’ space.  

Weekend at Lyfjord 


We went to Lyfjord after two months. If you have been reading my blog, then you know how much I love this place.  It was a delightful break from the stressful studies and work life. 

The house where we stay, stands by the sea and is further away from all the other houses in Lyfjord center. The nearest neighboring house is 5 mins walk away. There is a barn, an outside toilet,  a boathouse and a storage room along with a two story main house. It’s an old Norwegian house so, there is no running water in the tap. However, the most fun part of living here is to fetch water from the nearby river.

Thankfully, there is an electric stovetop/oven and firewood oven to make food. Heating system works fine in the ground floor rooms. There is also an old TV with national channel NRK that we love to watch. I personally love listening to the old radio in the kitchen. Since there is no bathrooms in the house, we don’t shower when we are there.  That’s the typical Norwegian cabin life: outside toilet and no shower.  😉

Nevertheless, I find living in Lyfjord very calming and rejuvenating. On this trip, I realized how much I actually enjoy baking. We baked ginger cookies and bollers. 

And the bonus point,  of course was the amazing dance by my favorite green lady. The whole sky was lighted up by powerful green aurora.  

It snowed so much last night.  We were gonna take the bus and it was a hell of a walk to the bus stop through the snow. We are now back to our student housing but I am already missing Lyfjord and the stress free life there.