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Project Happiness 365: Day 112


These days Tromsø has been very beautiful with spectacular skyscape. Snow is melting,  sun is shining and sign of spring is here. I am happier. It’s something to do with sunlight that makes my whole being happy. My skin loves it, my appetite is getting better and my mind is calmer.
You will understand what I mean when you see these pictures.


Project Happiness 365: Day 2


I haven’t slept a wink today. Okay! That was a bit of exaggeration. I slept like an hour. I tried sleeping but as bf says I didn’t try hard enough. Whatever that means! So, I was watching reruns of one of our favourite Japanese anime ‘Samurai Champloo’ all night . But sleep was still far far away. So, I am very tired and I have been walking like a zombie.

But enough of complaining. I still have the energy to write this post. And I’m keeping my promise.

Day 2: Windows, raindrops and blurs

I have a fascination for windows. I come from a place where windows are taken quite seriously. Traditional Nepali houses have beautiful architecture comprising of artistic Newari windows with intricate wooden carvings. The capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu has a treasure for these types of splendid wooden windows. My old family house in Tansen, in Western Nepal, has beautiful wooden windows with delicate carvings of spiral flowers. I remember as a kid I spent hours looking out of those tiny holes esp. on rainy days.

I also had a phase where I absolutely adored bus windows. Those huge sliding glass windows made me contemplate life and hours of bus ride felt like nothing. I could just stare out of the windows and watch the lives pass by. A couple of years ago, I did this photo series for my previous (now non-existing) blog where I took pictures of the world outside of the bus windows. It was an amazing experience.

Here in Tromso unfortunately, there aren’t any artistic wooden windows like in Nepal but still houses here have massive glass windows. Just have a comfortable arm chair next to it, light few candles, put on some good music and a good book, you’re ready to go on (as Norwegians say) a koselig journey! And if it’s raining outside then you’re lucky because life cannot be any better, any happier.


My second post for Project Happiness 365 is dedicated to this moment by the window when it’s raining outside and droplets are making beautiful blurs. This picture was taken on a rainy day during the last week of November from one of the windows of the university library, when I was sitting next to the window in a comfy red chair reading for my thesis. This picture was a fluke shot in fact! It just happened. I was actually making a video for snapchat with a cool Shpongle song I had discovered that day called ‘Brain in a fish tank’! And the video became so intense because of the droplets and the blurry image that I had to take this picture. I used a bit of Vignette effect here but it’s not Photoshopped! Nevertheless, here it is, a moment of happiness caught in time where I was smiling ear to ear admiring the beauty of the snowy world outside of that large window and each droplet was creating a unique world of its own!  🙂