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Project Happiness 365: Day 347


We are in a cabin trip at Lyfjord.  There was a short circuit. We realized to our horror that if we hadn’t come here today this place might have burnt down. We turned off the main switch so, there is no electricity.  

We light up some candles and made some fire. It’s quite cozy. It’s like we traveled back in time when people actually lived like this in this place.  It also reminds me of Nepal when we have loadshedding. 

Sometimes my mind wants to be away from all the humdrum and stress of being socially involved. It feels very calm here. I really needed this break.  


Project Happiness 365: Day 243


I am in love with doodling.  Nowadays, my mind is filled with ideas of what I want to doodle on my sketch book.  Stippling is my favourite technique. Spending my time to dot along an outline is quite meditative. Those tiny dots come together to create something unique. Call me narcissistic, but I really love going through my drawings.  It gives me more inspiration. My stiples aren’t that grand yet, I am still practicing.

It’s been raining since yesterday so, we’ve indoors. Here’s a little mandala inspired piece I drew last night. 😊 


Project Happiness 365: Day 215


Sun all day, all-night long, yet you cannot leave your jackets/sweaters because you never know when the temperature drops and you are left shivering.  

Rain, rain and more rain. 

Greenery with several warm hues. 

Misty mountains and beautiful waterscape. 

That’s summer in arctic north. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 213


It’s been raining more. We went for a small walk around the coast. It was wet and slippery.

Life has so many lessons to offer.  Sometimes I think is this ever gonna end. I realized what I am capable of and who I really am. I should not limit myself to anything. I love people but I should not be bound to them.

I want to truly break free because ‘nothing lasts forever but nothing is lost’.


P.S. I started with my project.  Here’s a glimpse of what I am trying.

Project Happiness 365: Day 137


The sound of the river is so calming.  I realized that if I sit there listening to that sound, I would forget all my woes. We walked all the way to the river along the coast. The mountain, river and the dramatic sky just came together to make our moments beautiful.

The clouds have been very playful today. And we got to witness the most beautiful sunset yet another time.

We will go back home tomorrow.  But we will come back right after his exams are over to do the spring cleaning of this place.  Yes, it’s not spring yet on this side of the planet.
I just it won’t be winter-fall-winter. Hopefully not. Keeping my fingers crossed.
P.S. Here’s a picture of the pretty barn that looks quite creepy at night.


Project Happiness 365: Day 136


Today has been all about roaming around. There are some random stuffs around the cabin. So, I was just exploring and taking pictures.  Who knows what stories they have? But it’s interesting. 

I went on a walk with him. Sun was bedazzaling. Being here keeps me fit because I love running around. And my appetite is better when I am here. I am all about making food and eating,  eating, eating.  😝

Our beloved visitor is still here. She managed to spun quite cool web throughout yesterday and last night.
I’ll probably send her outside for fresh air tomorrow. She can’t stay inside spinning web all day now, can she?
We just witnessed another beautiful sunset. The beauty doubled by the presence of our distinguished guest.


Here’s one more from my ‘pee den’. 😝😉😀


Project Happiness 365: Day 135


We made momos for breakfast.  Hahaha!  Sooo Nepali all of a sudden.  It’s very interesting how he loves even dalbhat (staple Nepali food: Rice and Lentils) for breakfast. So it’s not surprising that he liked momos for breakfast. If you have ever tasted momos then you will totally understand why we didn’t mind having those delicious stuff for breakfast. We made it from leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner.
It was pretty delicious because we fried it too. Dipped in tomato sauce,  momos were orgasmic for our taste buds.

Momos have managed to list themselves in our ultimate cabin food list. We have been making momos every time we are here.

We have a visitor today. I wanted to throw it out but felt bad. So, let’s see how long I will let it stay here. 😜


And I made Brownies too. It was okay.  But I am happy because I managed to read an article for my thesis.  😊