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Project Happiness 365: Day 361


I realized today that I have stopped stressing out over things. I don’t claim that I am easy going and chill but something changed. I don’t overthink about little stuffs that used to bother me a lot before for example,  replaying past mistakes and feeling guilty. I am just a human and I have done things that I am not proud of, I just accept them as a part of life lessons. If it wasn’t for those mistakes, I would never be this person here now. 

Loving and accepting yourself sounds overrated but it is the most important favour you can  do to yourself and others. It took me so many years to realise and understand this simple fact. But at least I realized,  that is important! 

Meanwhile, it’s quite dark and cold here in Tromsø and I long for a sunny day like this. 


Project Happiness 365: Day 353


Christmas season is here. We got calendar gifts for the next 24 days from his mother. 

Today I went to work after a long time. It was fun. Met a very funny taxi driver. She seemed so happy with life, singing along with the radio and making us laugh. It’s so nice when you have encounters like this.  Makes you feel that life is for living. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 224


There’s a Nepali saying that when the night is the darkest, it brings the brightest day. Past few days have been very dark. But seems like clouds are clearing up and I will see the light soon.

I had a very beautiful encounter today. It helped me get closer to my own meaning of life. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 173


A magical and mystical day.
The forest, the chill wind, the sun.
The lavvu, the swing and the forest pipe.
Fire, conversation and the tea.
The tiring walk, the nightmare not all nightmare.
Love ❤
That’s Today! 😊


Project Happiness 365: Day 158



Do you see those lives sprouting out of those branches?
And that light illuminating the background with warmth!
Oh. Summer is here.
Although still there are drizzle here and there, signs that days are gonna be full of light
And nights are still gonna be bright
Is more than evident.

Project Happiness 365: Day 112


These days Tromsø has been very beautiful with spectacular skyscape. Snow is melting,  sun is shining and sign of spring is here. I am happier. It’s something to do with sunlight that makes my whole being happy. My skin loves it, my appetite is getting better and my mind is calmer.
You will understand what I mean when you see these pictures.

Project Happiness 365: Day 45


I am sick. I think I caught the viral fever that everyone else in my class have been suffering from. I don’t wanna complain. It’s okay. I’m happy because I had a nice productive day.

Day 45: Yoda


This was the birthday gift from bf. He sits there all day on one of the shelves of my reading room urging me to work. Every time I see this I feel like I am filled with positive energy. I really like what Yoda says, there’s no trying, you either do it or you don’t. His expression here is like ‘Just Go for it!’ I can’t write too much today. I’m feeling really down. But I hope the fever won’t get too worse and I can get back on my feet soon. 🙂