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Smak reflection


I went to the ‘Smak’ food festival in Tromsø with some friends yesterday. I was quite excited because it’s food and food is my one true ultimate love. All my friends were Norwegian except for one girl who is half Asian and half Norwegian. Here is what I experienced 😦 😀

1) The first thing they wanted me to taste was this tiny sample of lapskaus. Seriously, Lapskaus! It’s a Norwegian dish, basically meat and potatoes stew thingie. It’s my least favorite Norwegian dish. Well, it’s a stew and more like a leftover food and it’s too bland for my taste.

2) This girl showed me bags of potatoes and said that they were the best potatoes in Norway. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic but she meant every word she said. She started telling me how much she enjoyed eating those potatoes because she hadn’t eaten potatoes for a while. I tried so hard to contain my laughter. I wasn’t judging her love for potatoes but man! Like seriously, I am in a freaking food festival and these people were telling how good this particular brand of potatoes was. 😂

3) After walking across some stalls that sold tacos, lefse (Flatbread made of potatoes, flour, milk and cream) and dry fish, we came to city center and then suddenly this guy I was with stops and exclaims: “Em, can you smell it? It smells sooo good. It’s pølse (hot dogs)”. I just lost it at that. I just laughed and laughed because this was way too much. I know that Norwegians love their pølse but I had never imagined someone being so ecstatic over the smell of hot dogs. 😂

4) We ended up tasting a piece of dry fish that was like a mind boggler because everyone thought it was chips so, it tasted really strange in our mouths.

5) I didn’t even got to buy a good cup of coffee so, I had to go to regular café to buy a cup before I walked to work. 😦

It was of course very much fun to hangout with friends. They are really nice, friendly and fun loving people but I must say that I was really disappointed with this whole food festival thingie. Well, it’s called food Festival for a reason, no? Imagine going to a food festival in Nepal and ending up eating dalbhat (staple everyday dish in Nepal comprising of rice, lentil soup and veggies).

I left for work after a while but you know what, I got a snap on snapchat after 15 mins and guess what they were eating.




Potatoes on stick! 😂

P.S. I don’t really have any pictures from the food festival but here are some pictures of the Northern lights we got to witness the day before yesterday. ❤


Project Happiness 365: Day 358


Today I slept only 3 hours so you can imagine how tired I am. I also had to go work so, it was very stressful.  But thankfully there wasn’t much to do at work.  It was a lazy day.  We ended up watching A Beautiful Mind.  It was my second time. I love that movie. Watching that movie helped me calm down a bit. 

I made a strange combination of fried noodles, grilled cheese sandwich and avocado,  cucumber and cherry tomatoes salad and had Julebrus (Christmas soda)  for dinner.  It was lovely.  

Project Happiness 365: Day 351


We came back home today. It has been a very rejuvenating time at the cabin despite the power outage.

It was rainy and windy on our way back. Bus stop looked quite beautiful. 

But today’s cherry on top (or actually blueberries on top) is this piece of happiness.  My new favourite! 

Project Happiness 365: Day 343


These amazing Munchies made me sooooooo happy today.  

Papadum or papad is a very popular snacks back home. You can either grill or deep fry these goodies. You can also make a spicy salad with cucumber, onion, garlic, chilli, tomatoes, and coriander leaves to go with it. He loved it so much.  😍

Project Happiness 365: Day 340


I made some Nepali food today. Rice, Dal (lentil soup), Palak paneer (cottage cheese curry with Spinach),  cucumber salad and choy sum. I had a foodgasm! 

Sometimes I really miss home and I make Nepali dishes. I am thankful that there’s an international store here in Tromsø where I can buy ingredients and spices from home. It brings me closer to home.  

Project Happiness 365: Day 339


I realized something funny about myself.  I go through existential crisis when I am hungry. When I am hungry, I get cranky,  I hate people, and I question meaning of existence. 

Food is really important for me. I won’t be surprised if by the last post of project happiness, I figure out that I attain happiness through food. 😂

Well, I am gonna go make some good Thai fish soup. That will be ‘the soup of happiness.’

Project Happiness 365: Day 318


I found out that key to happiness is food. Lately I have become such a foodie, I just spend either thinking about food or looking at pictures of food. I love cooking more than eating maybe. I also figured out that I tend to be more cranky when I am hungry. 

But seriously, food makes me very happy. 

Here’s a link to an instagram profile of Mr. Foodie, a food porn for Nepali food lovers. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 135


We made momos for breakfast.  Hahaha!  Sooo Nepali all of a sudden.  It’s very interesting how he loves even dalbhat (staple Nepali food: Rice and Lentils) for breakfast. So it’s not surprising that he liked momos for breakfast. If you have ever tasted momos then you will totally understand why we didn’t mind having those delicious stuff for breakfast. We made it from leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner.
It was pretty delicious because we fried it too. Dipped in tomato sauce,  momos were orgasmic for our taste buds.

Momos have managed to list themselves in our ultimate cabin food list. We have been making momos every time we are here.

We have a visitor today. I wanted to throw it out but felt bad. So, let’s see how long I will let it stay here. 😜


And I made Brownies too. It was okay.  But I am happy because I managed to read an article for my thesis.  😊


Project Happiness 365 :Day 25


I am happy today. We went to see his grandparents. They are so sweet people and they love me so much. We had waffles and cakes at their place. We are planning to watch the new Star Wars movies tonight. 

Day 25: Mt. Everest Restaurant
The reason for my happiness today is my visit to a Nepali,  Indian restaurant in Oslo called Mt Everest Restaurant.  I thought I died and went to heaven. I got to eat Momos. It was unbelievable. It’s almost a national food in Nepal. We got some nepali dinner. It was really good. I will go there again the next time I am in Oslo.