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Project Happiness 365: Day 135


We made momos for breakfast.  Hahaha!  Sooo Nepali all of a sudden.  It’s very interesting how he loves even dalbhat (staple Nepali food: Rice and Lentils) for breakfast. So it’s not surprising that he liked momos for breakfast. If you have ever tasted momos then you will totally understand why we didn’t mind having those delicious stuff for breakfast. We made it from leftover ingredients from last night’s dinner.
It was pretty delicious because we fried it too. Dipped in tomato sauce,  momos were orgasmic for our taste buds.

Momos have managed to list themselves in our ultimate cabin food list. We have been making momos every time we are here.

We have a visitor today. I wanted to throw it out but felt bad. So, let’s see how long I will let it stay here. 😜


And I made Brownies too. It was okay.  But I am happy because I managed to read an article for my thesis.  😊