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North Norwegian Escape 


Last week we were lucky to have beautiful sunny days. It gave me lots of energy to wake up early and go out for a lunch at my new hangout ‘Dragøy’ in Kysten Hus. The place has amazing view and you also have a chance to meet and talk to some interesting people.  

I also went for a walk around the city and took some pictures.  Just have a look! 

If you have not visited this amazing Norwegian city also known as the Paris of the North, then you should.  Plan your trip, trust me you won’t be disappointed. 😊


Project Happiness 365: Day 129


An early post today.
Such a beautiful day in Tromsø.
I am sitting at Kysten Mathus, sipping latte and watching world pass by. Oh! How lovely life is. I had a lovely morning listening to Solstáfir.

He looked so peaceful in his sleep. 😊

Despite the dark polar nights, when Tromsø transforms to a beauty like this I realize why I love this place with my full heart.



Just like I love him. There are dark clouds and storm but when the sun shines in our lives,  nothing can compare the calmness,  ecstasy and divine feeling it brings. I would go through thousands of tests to have a beautiful time with him. (no matter if it’s just a few moments).

I am hopelessly hopeful about people I love no matter how many times my heart has been broken.
Read this. Such a beautiful way to portray love.

Project Happiness 365: Day 127


There’s something absolutely calming about sitting by the window of a café,  sipping an amazing cup of coffee, reading your current favorite book.


There’s so much happiness in getting your caffeine kick while watching the life outside slowly passby.



I know my life is full of chaos but every single day is a lesson and I am happy for what I have. 😊

P.S. It snowed again but there’s still hope for spring blossoms and beautiful sunny days greeting Tromsø.


Project Happiness 365: Day 105


I read something very interesting just now. It was like reading a page from my own diary. I have been feeling what this guy is feeling. You know the feeling of being lost, being alone, not being able to communicate what you are actually going through with anyone and waiting for that moment of epiphany.  I am not gonna spoil this for you.

Click here to read more.

“No one is going to save you; no one is going to hold your hand through this fire. You alone must do that”.

I have promised myself that I am gonna work really hard and get my shits done. I am keep on doing the creative stuffs that I used to do. I am getting back on track and it feels good.


Here’s a picture of one of the best cheesecake I had at Smørtorget this afternoon. If you ever visit Tromsø,  you should visit this café. Located at one of the oldest lane of the city, this place is a cultural hub. Not only do they have one of the best coffee and cakes in the city, they have art, handicrafts, and second hand books for sale.


Project Happiness 365: Day 37


I had a chill day at work. The guy was too tired to do anything so, he slept. I just watched TV for a while and then ended up watching ‘Tangled’ for the umpteenth time. I never get tired of that movie. I don’t wanna write much today.

I was reminded of this quote by my other favourite author  Kazuo Ishiguro from his early novel When We Were Orphans: 

“All I know is that I’ve wasted all these years looking for something, a sort of trophy I’d get only if I really, really did enough to deserve it. But I don’t want it anymore, I want something else now, something warm and sheltering, something I can turn to, regardless of what I do, regardless of who I become. Something that will just be there, always, like tomorrow’s sky. That’s what I want now, and I think it’s what you should want too. But it will be too late soon. We’ll become too set to change. If we don’t take our chance now, another may never come for either of us.”

I have stopped looking for sure.

Day 37: Finally…a good cup of cappuccino

day 37

I finally found the best cappuccino in town. On my way to work, I got my workday dose of coffee. This cafe I went today is not my favourite so, I hardly ever go there. I hate the seats they have. But today I just went there for a change. Every time I order coffee here in Norway, I keep my expectations low because I know what they are gonna serve me. I always get disappointed but I can’t help but buy coffee anyways.

Today when I ordered a cup of cappuccino, I had a similar thought. Then, to my surprise, I was served this amazing cup of coffee with velvety fluffy foam. It was a dream come true to get a cup of coffee with the best crema and an heart on top. Just look at the picture, isn’t that beautiful? I was satisfied and happy!

[P.S. The cafe is called Kaffebønna AS in Strandtorget,Tromsø. That’s the best place to have coffee in town apparently. 🙂 ]