Song on my head


I have been procrastinating on my application essay all day. Got reminded of this very beautiful movie called Her and particularly, ‘The moon song’.

Ufff! I just wish I could pause a little and get back on track. It’s a bit difficult to keep up your spirit when it’s literally darkness all the time. I am very tired. 😢


“Feel Good Inc.”


Here is what makes me happy everyday.

My cats from Neko Atsume. I am happy and honored to tell you guys that I have managed to collect all the rare cats. Now I am just waiting for the mementos.

Here is one of my favorite cats called Kathmandu (in the robe with the colorful ‘temari’ ball). 😊

Look at the ninja cat ‘Whiteshadow’ along with the café owner cat called Sassy Fran.

That’s Guy furry, the chef cat making pizza in the stove I bought with the gold fish.

I got memento from Jeeves, a rare Cat who has a Siamese cat twin called Sapphire that you can see in the next picture.

This is the warrior cat Mr. Meowgi.

That wizard cat is called Hermeowne.

The most regal cats: Ramses in the pyramid tent and Xerxes in the royal robe.

That is how you received the gifts.

And that’s the pirate cat Bengal Jack.

I am proud to say that I manage the yard successfully and make the right purchase. Yes! I am serious about the game. 😊



I had a little rejuvenating time this weekend. I was longing to get some Vietnamese coffee at my favorite café in town called Art Café. I wasn’t disappointed. The presentation was interesting. The upper tier was the strainer and the lower tier was the cup that collected the brewed coffee. A bit of milk and sugar was already in the cup that you needed to mix. I was so excited. I really like the ambience of the café and the hosts are really warm and welcoming.

I also had a spontaneous visit to the art gallery where I got an opportunity to meet one of my favorite artists in Tromsø. It was really funny as we both recognized each other from our instagram pages. 😊

I really enjoy these alone times because I feel tired when I am with people most of the week and have this need to recharge myself. And I also came to realize that I really really enjoy being alone. I know it sounds strange but I am my own bestfriend.

Dance of ecstasy


I was going through the instagram page of an amazing artist called theshallowtree which inspired me to doodle this piece on a blackboard in a reading room at the university. When I doodle, I don’t really plan on what I am gonna make, I just kinda let my chalk flow.

Music plays a big role in letting this creativity flow. I have music to accompany and inspire me. I had two tracks on repeat when I made this one: ‘Demention by Hallucinogen‘ and ‘Maelbeek by Dictaphone‘.

The interesting thing about drawing on the blackboard at university is that you know that it’s not gonna last forever, someone might rub the whole thing the next day. It’s sad because you have put so much effort and time to make this but it also means that the slate is wiped clean and you can create something new. And there is so much joy in creating something. I am happy with how this one turned out to be.

Waves and shaman


I am reading a book on Shamanism by Pier Vitebsky. So, the first thing I did when I went to school was to doodle this.

There was a drawing on a paper in that room when I arrived. I know who drew it. I had a talk with my counselor today. I need to find a way to manage my anxiety. It’s been very difficult doing that lately.

Meanwhile, the sun doesn’t come over the horizon in Tromsø anymore but still there is a hint of it in the horizon. My aim every year is to capture this glimpse on pictures.

Here is how it looked today! Beautiful, no?

Day after day. Everyday!


“Do you live to exist or exist to live…?” Amrita, Banana Yoshimoto.

After two whole years of snail/sloth reading, I finished the book just now. I just closed the book. My room is quiet, just the sound of me breathing. I feel exhilarated. It was such a simple yet profound book. It’s a special book because I have doodled so much in it. It is also an archives of pictures, drawings and special tidbits I have collected through the two years.

Yoshimoto is one of my favorite writers. Her writings are often melancholic, mysterious and simple. There isn’t much going on in the plot, it’s just the experience of a mundane daily life but still there is so much going on underneath subtly. Or the other way around. I am still in daze.

4am: Sleep doesn’t come. Oh insomnia, my dear friend! What would my life be like without you?

Bus rides during polar nights have their own special charm. Picture from my ride back home from work. 😊

Beautiful, just beautiful, Beautiful!


Took a break from studying and doodled this.

I was listening to this really pretty song called ‘Space Walk’ by Lemon Jelly while doodling this. I am pretty satisfied with the outcome.

The days feel suffocating at times. Polar nights are gonna be here in six days. I am not scared or worried this year. This year I am going to be alone for the most part of it. I have started to like cold now. Now walking outside in the snow with a thin sweater makes me feel alive. This is a big change for me because I used to hate cold. When I was walking around the uni today, I realized how beautiful these dark blue nights actually are. I have been complaining about the dark nights without ever stopping to realize the beaut they hold. I am happy for this change in my outlook. I am looking forward to polar nights. I will fill this blog with winter pictures soon. Lol! 😊

This is goodbye!


“I keep thinking about this river somewhere, with the water moving really fast. And these two people in the water, trying to hold onto each other, holding on as hard as they can, but in the end it’s just too much. The current’s too strong. They’ve got to let go, drift apart. That’s how it is with us. It’s a shame, Kath, because we’ve loved each other all our lives. But in the end, we can’t stay together forever.

-Kazuo Ishiguro ‘Never let me go’.

Thank you for everything: good and bad, Ø. This is my final goodbye to you. Wish you a good life!

Last one


Song For Zula-Phosphorescent

Some say love is a burning thing
That it makes a fiery ring
Oh but I know love as a fading thing
Just as fickle as a feather in a stream
See, honey, I saw love. You see, it came to me
It put its face up to my face so I could see
Yeah then I saw love disfigure me
Into something I am not recognizing

See, the cage, it called. I said, “Come on in”
I will not open myself up this way again
Nor lay my face to the soil, nor my teeth to the sand
I will not lay like this for days now upon end
You will not see me fall, nor see me struggle to stand
To be acknowledge by some touch from his gnarled hands
You see, the cage, it called. I said, “Come on in”
I will not open myself up this way again.