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Smak reflection


I went to the ‘Smak’ food festival in Tromsø with some friends yesterday. I was quite excited because it’s food and food is my one true ultimate love. All my friends were Norwegian except for one girl who is half Asian and half Norwegian. Here is what I experienced 😦 😀

1) The first thing they wanted me to taste was this tiny sample of lapskaus. Seriously, Lapskaus! It’s a Norwegian dish, basically meat and potatoes stew thingie. It’s my least favorite Norwegian dish. Well, it’s a stew and more like a leftover food and it’s too bland for my taste.

2) This girl showed me bags of potatoes and said that they were the best potatoes in Norway. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic but she meant every word she said. She started telling me how much she enjoyed eating those potatoes because she hadn’t eaten potatoes for a while. I tried so hard to contain my laughter. I wasn’t judging her love for potatoes but man! Like seriously, I am in a freaking food festival and these people were telling how good this particular brand of potatoes was. 😂

3) After walking across some stalls that sold tacos, lefse (Flatbread made of potatoes, flour, milk and cream) and dry fish, we came to city center and then suddenly this guy I was with stops and exclaims: “Em, can you smell it? It smells sooo good. It’s pølse (hot dogs)”. I just lost it at that. I just laughed and laughed because this was way too much. I know that Norwegians love their pølse but I had never imagined someone being so ecstatic over the smell of hot dogs. 😂

4) We ended up tasting a piece of dry fish that was like a mind boggler because everyone thought it was chips so, it tasted really strange in our mouths.

5) I didn’t even got to buy a good cup of coffee so, I had to go to regular café to buy a cup before I walked to work. 😦

It was of course very much fun to hangout with friends. They are really nice, friendly and fun loving people but I must say that I was really disappointed with this whole food festival thingie. Well, it’s called food Festival for a reason, no? Imagine going to a food festival in Nepal and ending up eating dalbhat (staple everyday dish in Nepal comprising of rice, lentil soup and veggies).

I left for work after a while but you know what, I got a snap on snapchat after 15 mins and guess what they were eating.




Potatoes on stick! 😂

P.S. I don’t really have any pictures from the food festival but here are some pictures of the Northern lights we got to witness the day before yesterday. ❤


Birthday rant -I


So it’s my birthday today according to lunar calendar. My dad called me around midnight to wish me for the birthday. Ever since I left home, I have stopped celebrating my birthday according to lunar calendar because I lose track of the moon cycle and it’s too much of a hassle and it changes every year. So, when I tell my friends, it becomes strange. The other one, the ‘real’ one is in October. It’s strange when I think of it, I have two birthdays in a year. But Thank God, I don’t age twice, that would have been a disaster. 😂

But yesterday after I talked to my father, I told myself that I have had too much of shit this year, I deserve to have two celebrations, all by myself. Yes, because I realized that instead of expecting other people to make me feel special and loved, I should enjoy this time of the year when my mother almost died while giving birth to me. I almost died and the first six years of my life, my family had no hope that I would survive because I was always sick. But here I am still alive and kicking. Miracle, right?

I am sitting in this café drinking coffee, listening to Massive Attack, watching the life slowly pass by, and trying to get into the reading mode (I need to finish this freaking Douglas Adams’ book soon). It doesn’t really feel birthday like. How am I suppos to feel? Old? Happy? Elated? Mature? Special?

So much has happened this year. Hit the new high and the new low. Again. Like the umpteenth time. But still feels like I am growing, evolving, living and being human. Life seems difficult at times but Massive Attack is singing in my headset: “It’s easy, don’t let it go!” ❤😊 Cheers to this life, I guess!! 😍

P.S. I am gonna treat myself with some chicken wings and cheesecake tonight when I get back from work. Yay! 😊

Countdown to extinction 


It is so difficult for me to find inspiration, motivation and enthusiasm to write my thesis.  I just feel so lame. I question my ability to present my arguments and I find it so futile this attempt to tell this story. I don’t know when I started losing my interest to write my thesis. I have less than one and a half month to finish and deliver the thesis but I find it almost impossible to sit down and work every day. I kinda miss writing Project Happiness 365. It gave me so much happiness and also provided me with feeling of accomplishment.  

I was reading a book on writing for scholars and the author makes it pretty clear that writing is a rigorous process that needs time and energy.  Without really putting words on paper,  one can’t really know where s/he stands with his project.

The struggle is still on though.  Meanwhile,  there is sun  in Tromsø now giving me warmth and hope to get through this test. ☀ 

Project Happiness 365: Day 326


It’s like life is continuously testing me. Sometimes I feel like I am a guinea pig going through a lot of experiments. I truly am exasperated. Will this fucking shit ever stop? 

It’s so contradictory to my blog title.  But still I have to be honest. I can’t just post a fake happy post when I am actually far from being happy. 

I am really really angry today. I also realised that some people honestly don’t deserve yourniceness. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 273


What do you do when you sink into depth of negative emotions? 

I will be honest with you.  What I did today was get annoyed, angry and frustrated?  I deleted the WordPress app and decided I am not gonna lie to you guys anymore. 

Yes, it almost felt like the day I lost my mother. 

But here I am writing this post again. I feel a bit better now. Here’s a picture of Misty mountain to compensate this negativity. 😊 

Project Happiness 365: Day 256


This is what I did today. Inspired by my niece in Italy. It matches my tshirt so,  it’s cool! 

I did okay with my norsk placement test! Well it was like 80 objective questions. Some I knew,  some I guessed using ‘Eenie meenie minee mo’ technique. Lol! 😁 

I had dinner with a long lost friend.  It was a bitter sweet experience. Hmm I don’t know how I feel about that actually!  I want to forgive and forget but it’s difficult. Friendships like this taught me a lot of life lessons on patience,  trust and my own strength that I am grateful for. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 255


Lately I have been thinking about my stay in Norway. I submitted my papers for visa renewal but I have received no answer yet. I don’t like this pressure and uncertainty. 

I went to a photography exhibition this afternoon. It was titled ‘Uprooted’, a collection of photos on the theme migration by various photographers at Perspektivet Museum at Storgata, Tromsø Sentrum.There is one particular picture of a girl holding a receiver of a phone trying to talk and onlookers observing her action.  There was something about the picture that was heartbreakingly sad. I think it’s the grim expression of those people.  I had tears in my eyes imagining the situation they might have been in. Leaving their homes, struggle for survival and uncertainty looming around them all the time. Taking pictures of the exhibition was prohibited. So, no pictures!  😔

One of the prime quote of the exhibition by Magnum photographer, Larry Towell (The world from my front porch) brilliantly states the state of this uprootedness: “Land makes people into who they are. Of that I am sure.  If they lose it, they forfeit their solvency and a little bit of their Souls, which they will spend the rest of their lives trying to regain.”

Looking at those heartbreaking photographs of humans being forced to leave their homes/land because of numerous reasons,  I realized how lucky I actually am. I have a room I can call my home, a soulmate that loves me unconditionally,  couple of close friends, opportunity to study, work, dress up, roam around,  hop from one cafe to another freely and come home even in the middle of the night safely. And still I dare to be sad and depressed.  I can’t believe myself.  Uff! 

Sun is still here. I am not gonna complain.  Just soaking up every bit of the glory! 😊