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With love from Tromsø


Today I had a chance to visit the Arctic Cathedral for a sermon through work. I had barely been inside there before. The cathedral looked beautiful from the inside. So, it was an interesting experience. Here are some pictures I took of the cathedral and Tromsø.

I have been calm in my head lately. It feels good. ❤




The color of autumn in Tromsø in one picture!

Prestvannet lake, which is 10 mins walk from my student housing, is one of the most beautiful places in Tromsø. I love walking around the lake through the trail near the woods. It is one of such places that never bores me or tires me. Walk around the lake fills me with good energy and rejuvenates me. I am so happy I went there for a walk this afternoon. 🙂

Birthday rant -I


So it’s my birthday today according to lunar calendar. My dad called me around midnight to wish me for the birthday. Ever since I left home, I have stopped celebrating my birthday according to lunar calendar because I lose track of the moon cycle and it’s too much of a hassle and it changes every year. So, when I tell my friends, it becomes strange. The other one, the ‘real’ one is in October. It’s strange when I think of it, I have two birthdays in a year. But Thank God, I don’t age twice, that would have been a disaster. 😂

But yesterday after I talked to my father, I told myself that I have had too much of shit this year, I deserve to have two celebrations, all by myself. Yes, because I realized that instead of expecting other people to make me feel special and loved, I should enjoy this time of the year when my mother almost died while giving birth to me. I almost died and the first six years of my life, my family had no hope that I would survive because I was always sick. But here I am still alive and kicking. Miracle, right?

I am sitting in this café drinking coffee, listening to Massive Attack, watching the life slowly pass by, and trying to get into the reading mode (I need to finish this freaking Douglas Adams’ book soon). It doesn’t really feel birthday like. How am I suppos to feel? Old? Happy? Elated? Mature? Special?

So much has happened this year. Hit the new high and the new low. Again. Like the umpteenth time. But still feels like I am growing, evolving, living and being human. Life seems difficult at times but Massive Attack is singing in my headset: “It’s easy, don’t let it go!” ❤😊 Cheers to this life, I guess!! 😍

P.S. I am gonna treat myself with some chicken wings and cheesecake tonight when I get back from work. Yay! 😊

So, what’s new?


This week has been much better. I have been back to work after 24 days. The guy was in hospital and my job was to visit him there during my shift. Being in hospital during the most difficult time of my life didn’t help me that much. It was too depressing to be there. But I tried to be cheerful and kept his spirit high. He is back to his home now and work life is back to the old routine.

So, on a happier note, the green lady is back. A couple of days ago, I had to stay an hour extra at work to help disinfecting the apartment and I was quite tired and annoyed. But when I went out to get the bus home, I witnessed the most amazing northern lights ever. The sky was lighted up in a purple shade and it seemed like I was being blessed with a light shower. I cried my way home because I got so emotional. Here are some phone pictures:

Another happy news this week is that the university instagram page featured one of my photos on their page.I took this picture, one sunny day when I was sitting outside in the sun eating chocolate buns with my best friend. It was the last day we were gonna hangout together as he left for Canada the same day. I just looked up and saw the usual university building in a different perspective and took the shot.

Also, my instagram post about a local restaurant was featured in the travel instagram page about Tromsø. I really love taking pictures so, I feel really happy about it.

The other event that brought smile was that someone baked marble cake and bought flowers n chocolates for me.

It was a very emotional moment for me because the past couple of months have been very difficult and someone doing a kind gesture like this just to make me happy is something priceless. I have been so scared of the display of love, affection and appreciation lately. I want to see good in people without being skeptical of their actions. But it seems difficult. Everytime someone does something nice for me, I start thinking, ‘What the fuck do you want from me in return?’ At the same time, this bitterness that has grown into me is something noone should deal with. Especially not someone who feels so much love for me. I feel like it’s unfair towards these people who show me love. This kind of mindset is definitely a recipe for disaster. I had never imagined that I would be scared of love.

But this phase of my life is for accepting the past and myself. It is also a phase where I am relearning to trust people, to be open to the idea of love and appreciate the appreciation I am receiving again.

And I graduated! 


I am finally done with my studies. I delivered my thesis on music and indigenous identity and had an oral defense.  And I graduated.  Yes! Done with MPhil in Indigenous Studies.  Yay! 😊 I will be getting back to the blog with something new soon. Stay tuned.  

Here are some pictures of sunny beautiful Tromsø I took from the plane some time ago while I was flying down to Oslo. 

Happy New Year 2074


It’s Nepali New Year today. Happy Nepali New Year.  We are in 2074 now. We are way ahead in time, no? 😝 

But this is not the only new year we celebrate.  We have celebration on other new years like Tibetan/Sherpa, Newari, Tamang, Western as well.  I feel so privileged and grateful that I grew up in such a harmonious and open minded society where we learn to be receptive, tolerant and respectful towards other cultures and ways of lives.  

Here are some pictures I took from the walk this afternoon. The weather in Tromsø has been so beautiful the past few days.  

Meanwhile, it’s Easter as well so, Happy Easter.  God Påske as Norwegians say it! 



Hello there, 

Long time no see! 😉 I have been MIA for a while. But here I am. Today I present to you my favorite green lady from Norway. The magical Northern lights. She paid me a visit last night at the cabin in Lyfjord and gave an awesome dance show. It was a bit cold to stand there, witness her performance and take pictures.  But it was worth it.  😍 

So, here are some pictures of aurora borealis I managed to take with my cell phone camera. This is one of the primary reasons why you should visit Northern Norway. 

With love from Norway! 


Winter back again 


Last week’s rainy days had taken away most of the snow and people were complaining about global warming.  But the snow and the winter vibe came back. It snowed so much the last two days that Tromsø turned into a Winter Wonderland one more time.  Oh! You won’t believe how happy the skiers are! 

University looked lovely with the white veil this afternoon. 

I had a nice time keeping him company while he was smoking, at my favorite ‘breather’ space.