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Cup of coffee for thought


Darling, you are like an espresso!

Requires an acquired taste.

Difficult to get used to.

But once one learn to enjoy it,

it’s difficult to live without!

Finally I have learnt to enjoy it,

Easy. Sip by sip… Calmly!

Not as an addiction

Not in an urgency

Nor a routine!

More like a privilege.


Knowing how to handle

The bitterness

Was better.

I guess.


Ha Det Bra


Wrote four assignments today. Been at uni for almost 10 hours now. I just typed Elf determination. 😂 I think I am tired, slept only 4 hours today. I should go home now. I have a long day tomorrow. 😛

What to do when life seems bleak and suffocating?

  • Put on some music and dance. 
    Today I was really frustrated when I woke up because I woke up at 13:30. I had an alarm at 9:00 but since I went to bed at 4:30, I was delirious when the alarm rang. And in my delirium, I put a new alarm at 11:15 for Thursday. LOL! So, of course since it’s not Thursday today, the alarm didn’t ring and I woke up frustrated and annoyed. But I just decided to make some coffee and make the best use of whatever time I had to get to the bus to university. Oh! and then, I figured out that I had couple of spare mins after I was done getting ready. You know what I did? I put on ‘Coco-jumbo‘ (Yeah 90s coco jumbo! :D) and started to dance. 😛 It was really stupid but it was much better than beating myself up. I felt so much better. Instant mood refresh!
  • Go for a walk
    This is a sure shot way to combat whatever negative feeling you are experiencing. Going for a walk, breathing some fresh air, listening to some soothing, calm music and being close to nature helps a lot. I have created a playlist specifically called ‘Walk in the Woods’ just for this purpose. I know it takes a lot of energy to motivate yourself to get out of the room, get dressed and go out but it is totally worth it. Going near water bodies helps too. I love walking along the coast, touching the water, the pebbles, sea shells, listening to the sound of the water, and just being there.
  • Doodle, doodle, doodle
    I cannot emphasize on how much mindlessly drawing on paper or chalkboard has helped me. I just realized the other week that I start floating in another space when I draw where nothing affects me. It is just me and my drawing. Sometimes I surprise myself by what I draw. Mainly because I am a noob and I haven’t drawn much in life. But I feel like I am getting better. I love it.
  • Play Mikado
    Have you ever tried playing Mikado?  It’s basically a stick game which contains 41 varied colored sticks with different points and the aim is to collect as many sticks as possible from a jumbled stack without moving or affecting another stick. Trust me it is not EASY. It needs so much concentration and dexterity that you are forced to calm down and concentrate. I am absolutely in love with the game. It’s my favourite go to when I need to ‘Calm the fuck down’.
  • Calm the fuck down
    Ok this one is a bit funny. I created a new folder on my computer called ‘Calm the fuck down’ where I basically put all the files that I make when I am stressed. It contains word documents with my rants, pictures that I edit and destroy when I am angry and need to let out my anger, stupid MS-Paint files with senseless drawings, and funny videos. Having something like that handy on your computer that you can just open and vent is helpful.
  • Watch funny animal videos
    My favourite is ‘animalsdoingthings‘ on instagram. Animals are cute but they can be pretty stupid sometimes. That page has so many hilarious videos that just puts me into laughter fit. Laughing is good. 😀
  • Pretend that you are Neo from Matrix
    I first read about this trick on Happify. So, the trick is whenever negative or disturbing thoughts appears in your mind, imagine that you are Neo from Matrix and dodge them like he dodges the bullets. 😛 You won’t believe how effective this technique is. Just give it a try. Bring it on ‘self-loathing’, ‘anger’, ‘jealousy’, I am so ready to dodge you all! The point is to refuse to let these thoughts control your life. Just REFUSE!
    Matrix Flipping GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
    Well these are my tricks. I guess everyone has their own way of handling their shit in life. Share yours if you have one. I will be more than happy. 😀

“Feel Good Inc.”


Here is what makes me happy everyday.

My cats from Neko Atsume. I am happy and honored to tell you guys that I have managed to collect all the rare cats. Now I am just waiting for the mementos.

Here is one of my favorite cats called Kathmandu (in the robe with the colorful ‘temari’ ball). 😊

Look at the ninja cat ‘Whiteshadow’ along with the café owner cat called Sassy Fran.

That’s Guy furry, the chef cat making pizza in the stove I bought with the gold fish.

I got memento from Jeeves, a rare Cat who has a Siamese cat twin called Sapphire that you can see in the next picture.

This is the warrior cat Mr. Meowgi.

That wizard cat is called Hermeowne.

The most regal cats: Ramses in the pyramid tent and Xerxes in the royal robe.

That is how you received the gifts.

And that’s the pirate cat Bengal Jack.

I am proud to say that I manage the yard successfully and make the right purchase. Yes! I am serious about the game. 😊

Smak reflection


I went to the ‘Smak’ food festival in Tromsø with some friends yesterday. I was quite excited because it’s food and food is my one true ultimate love. All my friends were Norwegian except for one girl who is half Asian and half Norwegian. Here is what I experienced 😦 😀

1) The first thing they wanted me to taste was this tiny sample of lapskaus. Seriously, Lapskaus! It’s a Norwegian dish, basically meat and potatoes stew thingie. It’s my least favorite Norwegian dish. Well, it’s a stew and more like a leftover food and it’s too bland for my taste.

2) This girl showed me bags of potatoes and said that they were the best potatoes in Norway. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic but she meant every word she said. She started telling me how much she enjoyed eating those potatoes because she hadn’t eaten potatoes for a while. I tried so hard to contain my laughter. I wasn’t judging her love for potatoes but man! Like seriously, I am in a freaking food festival and these people were telling how good this particular brand of potatoes was. 😂

3) After walking across some stalls that sold tacos, lefse (Flatbread made of potatoes, flour, milk and cream) and dry fish, we came to city center and then suddenly this guy I was with stops and exclaims: “Em, can you smell it? It smells sooo good. It’s pølse (hot dogs)”. I just lost it at that. I just laughed and laughed because this was way too much. I know that Norwegians love their pølse but I had never imagined someone being so ecstatic over the smell of hot dogs. 😂

4) We ended up tasting a piece of dry fish that was like a mind boggler because everyone thought it was chips so, it tasted really strange in our mouths.

5) I didn’t even got to buy a good cup of coffee so, I had to go to regular café to buy a cup before I walked to work. 😦

It was of course very much fun to hangout with friends. They are really nice, friendly and fun loving people but I must say that I was really disappointed with this whole food festival thingie. Well, it’s called food Festival for a reason, no? Imagine going to a food festival in Nepal and ending up eating dalbhat (staple everyday dish in Nepal comprising of rice, lentil soup and veggies).

I left for work after a while but you know what, I got a snap on snapchat after 15 mins and guess what they were eating.




Potatoes on stick! 😂

P.S. I don’t really have any pictures from the food festival but here are some pictures of the Northern lights we got to witness the day before yesterday. ❤

Neko Atsume


Ok, I have a confession to make. I am so addicted to this cat game called ‘Neko Atsume’. Basically, you have a yard and you can put stuffs like food and toys to attract cats. You get normal and gold fish and you use those to buy stuffs at the shop. I am having so much fun playing that game. I set stuffs in my yard and wait for the cats to come and then I can take pictures of the cats and the yard to collect in my album. And it makes me so happy when these cats visit my yard. It’s a really cozy and relaxing game.

Here are some screenshots:

Birthday rant -I


So it’s my birthday today according to lunar calendar. My dad called me around midnight to wish me for the birthday. Ever since I left home, I have stopped celebrating my birthday according to lunar calendar because I lose track of the moon cycle and it’s too much of a hassle and it changes every year. So, when I tell my friends, it becomes strange. The other one, the ‘real’ one is in October. It’s strange when I think of it, I have two birthdays in a year. But Thank God, I don’t age twice, that would have been a disaster. 😂

But yesterday after I talked to my father, I told myself that I have had too much of shit this year, I deserve to have two celebrations, all by myself. Yes, because I realized that instead of expecting other people to make me feel special and loved, I should enjoy this time of the year when my mother almost died while giving birth to me. I almost died and the first six years of my life, my family had no hope that I would survive because I was always sick. But here I am still alive and kicking. Miracle, right?

I am sitting in this café drinking coffee, listening to Massive Attack, watching the life slowly pass by, and trying to get into the reading mode (I need to finish this freaking Douglas Adams’ book soon). It doesn’t really feel birthday like. How am I suppos to feel? Old? Happy? Elated? Mature? Special?

So much has happened this year. Hit the new high and the new low. Again. Like the umpteenth time. But still feels like I am growing, evolving, living and being human. Life seems difficult at times but Massive Attack is singing in my headset: “It’s easy, don’t let it go!” ❤😊 Cheers to this life, I guess!! 😍

P.S. I am gonna treat myself with some chicken wings and cheesecake tonight when I get back from work. Yay! 😊