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Project Happiness 365: Day 339


I realized something funny about myself.  I go through existential crisis when I am hungry. When I am hungry, I get cranky,  I hate people, and I question meaning of existence. 

Food is really important for me. I won’t be surprised if by the last post of project happiness, I figure out that I attain happiness through food. 😂

Well, I am gonna go make some good Thai fish soup. That will be ‘the soup of happiness.’

Project Happiness 365: Day 330


This ‘Shitheadsteve‘ on Instagram makes me laugh so much. Following this profile has been a funny ride. S/he posts witty memes and funny pictures but a lot of times I can relate to it quite a lot. Like this post from today. 

@tank.sinatra is a must follow

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I really want a dog but pets are not allowed in my dorm other than fish. So, I should probably use this trick. I think I laughed too hard considering the fact that I was a bit stressed earlier. 😂😁😊

Humour does help one cope with a lot of stress, doesn’t it?

Project Happiness 365: Day 311


This.  😊 

Thanks to all of you for discovering my floating universe and showing so much love. This is an anonymous blog, so, I don’t publicise this anywhere in social media. But despite this, 1000 likes means a lot for me. I don’t think about likes that much when I post. It’s mainly just to express what I am feel. However, I feel very happy when you guys drop by and write kind words. I am grateful to all of you for joining me in this journey.😊 

We have been playing so much of the Witcher 3 lately. I enjoy the graphic part of the game a lot. It’s an aesthetic game.

After killing some monsters, beasts and enemies when Geralt of Rivia looks at a view like this, feels heavenly satisfying.  

And then my horse Roach pulls stunts like this, we burst into laughter. 

I went out for a bit today. I can’t actually describe in words how beautiful Tromsø looks these days. 

This city of boats and Northern lights never fails to amaze me. 

I am so fascinated with trees and lights. 

Signs of winter is all over places now. Soon Tromsø will turn into white beauty.

Project Happiness 365: Day 302


Today has been EPIC. We had a fun time buying booster pack of Magic the gathering at Bruktbokhandel. It’s a geek heaven and the coolest store in Tromsø.We fixed our deck. And then we had a fun trust game. We took turns closing our eyes and walking the road completely relying on the one another each turn. He managed perfectly. I was a bit frightened. I opened my eyes a couple of times.  Lol! 

He gave me a birthday treat at our favourite hangout Aunegården.  It’s a fabulous place in Tromsø.  We played Magic for many hours. I realized that gaming dates are much more fun than regular dates. 😊 

Project Happiness 365: Day 289


Some days ago,  I posted about an app called Booster Buddy. This little buddy I chose is the source of my happiness.  I love this app. It makes me do things that brings me closer to nature, helps me connect with my loved ones and also urges me to be organised. Every single day when I wake up, I look forward to meet my buddy and see what quests he has for me. These quests are so dynamic that I don’t get annoyed or bored. 

It also helps you keep track of your medication. If you are trying to quit alcohol or drugs, the buddy will help you by keeping track of your usage and providing you coping techniques.

If you are someone like me who gets anxious and needs motivation to do your stuffs then, you should definitely get this app. It’s awesome. Look at this happy cutie pie! 

Project Happiness 365: Day 282


Alt Title: Shits my boyfriend says in his sleep

Sleepy Me: Can I hold around you?

Asleep Him: You Have To Hold Around Me otherwise I will send creatures to attack you. 

(He’s been playing a lot of Magic the gathering with his friends lately.😊)

I start laughing. He laughs along with me. 😂😍😘

I love this guy. He bought me my first deck and we played. I got lucky and got cool deck. I love this game. 

Yet another beautiful day in Tromsø. Sun, blue sky and a nice view.