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Project Happiness 365 :Day 263


I have been having weird, vivid dreams since a couple of days. Last night I was a saviour of two kids trapped in a sick mental hospital. After I rescued them, they were unsure where to go and I told them to just run and believe in themselves,  rest will be fine. It was so intense that I felt tired when I woke up. And I keep going to these places that look very familiar but I know that it’s not in real life but I have been there in my dream before. 

A couple of days ago,  I dreamt of throwing up three huge fish. I was in a boat to Hong Kong.  Lol!

Well well, I have been doodling a lot.  Here’s my latest one! 


Project Happiness 365: Day 248


“Fragmented Dream”was what he named this drawing. A couple of days ago,  I got so sphongled while taking a shower.  I was just arrested by the beauty of flowing water on the shower tiles. That’s what is captured here. Mindfulness at its best!  
I watched the four episodes of Hannibal season 1 while making this. Oh! I love Hannibal Lecter’s voice.  Mads Mikkelson forever! 😍

Project Happiness 365: Day 245


I witnessed a spectacular view of the landscape and clouds on the glass of K1 shopping centre in Tromsø. Skyscape is very dramatic and beautiful in Northern Norway these days. Oh! I love being here.

Last night we watched this documentary on yogis from Tibet. There was a shot of silhouette of a stupa with a beautiful big sun in the backdrop. This piece is inspired by that particular shot! I know I need a lot of practice but I am deeply in love with stipples! Tell me what you think of it.  😊 

Project Happiness 365: Day 243


I am in love with doodling.  Nowadays, my mind is filled with ideas of what I want to doodle on my sketch book.  Stippling is my favourite technique. Spending my time to dot along an outline is quite meditative. Those tiny dots come together to create something unique. Call me narcissistic, but I really love going through my drawings.  It gives me more inspiration. My stiples aren’t that grand yet, I am still practicing.

It’s been raining since yesterday so, we’ve indoors. Here’s a little mandala inspired piece I drew last night. 😊 


Project Happiness 365: Day 240


I have been doodling so much.  I didn’t know I loved doodling this much. It is very calming. 

This afternoon we went to search for clay to make things around the house.  We met a friendly man, who lived in the house by the river. He showed us where we can find clay.

I collected some stones and flowers to make candle holder out of mason jar. It was easy and fun to make. 

Living in the cabin is nice. I could get used to it. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 236


The best decision I have ever made is to deactivate my Facebook profile.  I had been thinking of doing that for a long time but I never managed. However,  ever since I started working on my thesis seriously,  I have been feeling really guilty over wasting so much time on social media.  I have been quite active posting statuses,  pictures and sharing links on fb. But lately,  I felt more and more alienated and disappointed by the mask I had been putting on social media. So, I made a firm decision to say goodbye to fb.

After deactivating, I have been very productive and creative.  I have been reading,  watching documentaries,  writing and doodling. There are so many things I can actually do instead of mindlessly scrolling Facebook. 

Here’s what I did last night.  

One more fish doodle (almost sounds like snacks). I am trying out stippling on my drawings and it’s very much meditative.  😊