Neko Atsume


Ok, I have a confession to make. I am so addicted to this cat game called ‘Neko Atsume’. Basically, you have a yard and you can put stuffs like food and toys to attract cats. You get normal and gold fish and you use those to buy stuffs at the shop. I am having so much fun playing that game. I set stuffs in my yard and wait for the cats to come and then I can take pictures of the cats and the yard to collect in my album. And it makes me so happy when these cats visit my yard. It’s a really cozy and relaxing game.

Here are some screenshots:


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    • I understand why she likes it so much. The game is so addictive. It makes me feel like a kid. But well, it’s a cat game and cats are cute. 😊
      I watched a friend play Skyrim and Animal crossing recently and I so want to buy my own console soon. I am waiting for the reply to my visa application. If it works out, the first thing I am going to do is buy my own console.
      Oh! The new Zelda game is so sweet. Enjoy gaming.


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