The color of autumn in Tromsø in one picture!

Prestvannet lake, which is 10 mins walk from my student housing, is one of the most beautiful places in Tromsø. I love walking around the lake through the trail near the woods. It is one of such places that never bores me or tires me. Walk around the lake fills me with good energy and rejuvenates me. I am so happy I went there for a walk this afternoon. 🙂


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    • Great. I can so relate to that. In Norway, there is a saying “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothing.” Layers always work and Marino wool is the best. Nice woolen innerwears, socks, jackets, scarves and snowboots are must haves. If you are coming to a place with fluctuating weather conditions like Tromsø where the road turns really icy, you need to buy a good spikes or grips for your shoes. Bring a good camera and a positive attitude, it will be a great experience because Norway is a beautiful country with amazing nature. Welcome! 😊

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