Something in the way


So, I got these little notes with reasons why I am a lovable person from someone.

I have always been a hopeless romantic and did stuffs like this to people I loved. But getting these notes was really surprising and strange for mainly two reasons :

No. 1: I didn’t know someone was observing me that way.

No.2: I didn’t know those things made me lovable. Lately I have been feeling not so nice about being loved or being myself.

So, these notes did make me happy.

Life is really strange.

Meanwhile I can’t speak Spanish but I am trying to learn to sing ‘falta De Respeto’ by Carla Morisson. It’s such a soothing song. ❤ My playlist, however, is jumping from Carla Morisson to Sólstafir to Massive Attack to Shpongle to SikTh. Lol! Music keeps me going.

Here’s Carla’s beautiful song for your listening pleasure!


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  1. That’s really nice somebody gave you those notes.

    I always try to give out compliments when I can and when it is sincere. Because you never know when someone might be having a bad day or feeling unloved. It can’t hurt to tell them you like what they are doing.

    I’m coaching under 10 (year old) soccer/football this Fall. I use positive reinforcement a lot.

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    • That is so nice of you. I am trying to do the same. After all, everyone is fighting their own battles.
      I totally agree with you. Those notes made me so happy especially considering the way I have been feeling lately.
      Hope you have a great time coaching.
      P.S. Thank you for dropping by and writing these kind words. I really appreciate it. 😊❤

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