Project Happiness 365: Day 363


Some friendships are so beautiful and easily preserved. You don’t need to please each other. You don’t get offended if you don’t call each other all the time. You respect each other and cherish the bond you have. That’s the kind of friendship I have with my bestfriend.  I hadn’t talked to her for a long time but last night when we skyped we just realised how precious our relationship is. 

I don’t have many close friends, I can count them in one hand. I have had very bad experiences with friendships all my life. But she is different. She is nice, kind, trustworthy and wise. She understands me like noone else. 

I dedicate this post to her even though she will not actually read my blog, she doesn’t know about it. I feel very grateful and privileged to have known her in my life. 
And here’s a picture of famous Kal Bhairav in Basantapur Durbar Square, Kathmandu, she took for me because I miss visiting those places with her. It is our favourite hangout. Oh! How I miss her. 


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