Project Happiness 365: Day 344


So, the polar night has officially begun. No sun until next year. That sounded so pessimistic.  Actually here in Tromsø, next six weeks we live without the warmth of sun. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to the sun this year because I have not gone out and been lazying around at home. 

I am not a big fan of darkness but still there’s something to this bluish dark period when sun never comes above the horizon and nights seem to last forever.  

The only thing that keeps me going is trying to make everything cozy. Candles, music, hot chocolate with whipped cream on top, aromatic essential oil, pancakes in the middle of night, hot showers and cuddle with your loved ones under the blanket.  Koselig is the word. 

But still I can’t help but wish I could hibernate. 😴😴😴


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  1. This is really interesting. I wonder how Americans (in the continental US) would react to so much darkness? I guess if we’d know it as part of our history they’d probably have engineered a holiday or something out of it. But if it just happened all of a sudden it would probably be total chaos.


    • People who have been living here for a long time are pretty used to it. But for us foreigners, it’s pretty weird to not see sun for months. Personally it is very difficult for me because this darkness feels like physical burden and it makes me low in energy and depressed. But in two years, I have learnt to cope with it so, to my surprise, I have begun to enjoy it. 😊


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