Project Happiness 365: Day 332


We are at Sandvika!  I forgot to post last night. But you can imagine how happy I must have been that I forgot to post.  lol! 

But I am visiting his family.  And it’s been very nice.  I love them a lot. 

We were out with his bestfriend this afternoon and went out for lunch at this place called Hitchhiker in Mathallen in Oslo. It reminded me so much of home. It was the coolest place with cool music and cool food. 

I made Nepali food for dinner. Fried momos for starters. Rice, Pok choi, stir fried squash and mushroom and Palak paneer for main course. It was lovely!  They love me a lot and I feel privileged.  

After dinner, his mother showed us old family pictures and drawings of his grandfather. I could see so much resemblance.  

I feel very grateful because they give me the love of the family I miss here.


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