Project Happiness 365: Day 322


That time of the year when it’s dark outside, weather gets very rough, sun is nowhere in sight for next couple of months and everything seems so difficult (esp.getting out of the bed)…it’s here! I am not exaggerating when I say that on somedays of polar nights, darkness literally feels like a heavy weight on your head. I tried hibernating but with work and studies, it is difficult.  😉 

All I can do is take vitamins regularly and try to keep my positive spirit. I like the notion of creating a cozy environment to cope with the darkness.  Norwegians have a word ‘koselig’ for that ambience you create which roughly translates to cozy. So, I light some candles, play some music, go for a walk in the dark and get some fresh air.

If you are following me then, for the next couple of months from now, you will be bombarded with lots of cozy indoor pictures. I will also post photos from my walks and of course,  there will most likely be a lot of Northern lights pictures. 

Today I woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon but with a good spirit and decided to make it koselig by lighting up some candles. 

When you can do this in a dorm room and enjoy a cup of Nepali tea and popcorn with a good music, life isn’t that bad! 😊


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