Project Happiness 365: Day 301


Last night we had a midnight pancake party.  It was a lot of fun. We played Magic the gathering. Little sis loved it. Even though she’s just 11, she is way clever for her age. And the deck we bought for her was so good. So, she crushed me with his help.  

We climbed a mountain and watched the view from the top in the afternoon.  I am extremely blessed to celebrate my birthday with lovely people. 

We came back from the cabin.  Living for three days with little sis was amazing.

The bus we took back home waited for 38 minutes at Skulsfjord. I got off from the bus while he and little sister stayed in playing games on their phones. I was just strolling by the sea when I met three very cute Norwegian kids. They just came and asked: ‘Hva heter du?’ (what is your name?) I speak negligible Norwegian but I managed to answer their questions. I had a nice time chatting with them.  The view was breathtaking.  I said goodbye to them after a while.  

This year’s birthday was also very special.  
P.S. One year ago, this day, I had my spiritual awakening.  So, cheers for the memory of that day! 


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