Project Happiness 365: Day 275


Last couple of days have been the best of my life and the worst. Had the most beautiful moments with him yet there was a time when he called me a bully who picks on him and makes his life feel miserable.  I don’t want to let other people drag me down but this time it’s been very difficult.  I am still trying to be strong and truly not give a fuck! 

On a brighter note, I work as a personal assistant to a disabled person. Today I came back to work after many days. His apartment was in a mess but I fixed everything. While I was trimming his nails, he said to me: ‘E, it’s nice to have you back.  You are a very nice person and you are good to people. You must know that there are a lot of people who like you. Everyone likes to be liked. You are liked so, you must know that you are doing something right because people like you.’

I was so moved. Also because of all the things I have been thinking about myself. 

The sun came back. It’s 14 degrees but they are calling it an Indian Summer.  😊 


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