Monthly Archives: September 2016

Project Happiness 365: Day 295


Raindrops kept falling on my head! 

There was a release of Magic new deck Kaladesh in Tromsø. He bought the box for us! 😊 Very happy! 


Project Happiness 365: Day 293


I got my job contract extended for six more months. Tromsø looked so beautiful at night. I have been dreaming so much of sliding on ice. I guess it’s a premonition for soon to come icy snowy dark days. 

Anyways,  today I celebrated with a big glass of hot chocolate with cream on top!

Project Happiness 365: Day 289


Some days ago,  I posted about an app called Booster Buddy. This little buddy I chose is the source of my happiness.  I love this app. It makes me do things that brings me closer to nature, helps me connect with my loved ones and also urges me to be organised. Every single day when I wake up, I look forward to meet my buddy and see what quests he has for me. These quests are so dynamic that I don’t get annoyed or bored. 

It also helps you keep track of your medication. If you are trying to quit alcohol or drugs, the buddy will help you by keeping track of your usage and providing you coping techniques.

If you are someone like me who gets anxious and needs motivation to do your stuffs then, you should definitely get this app. It’s awesome. Look at this happy cutie pie! 

Project Happiness 365: Day 288


Oh how I love this new spot outside university library called Labyrinth!  Love basking in the sun,  listening to music and studying!  

And Tromsø is basking in the autumn glory!!  😍

Project Happiness 365: Day 286


It’s a rare beautiful day when sun shines like this in Northern Norway. 

Today I realized that my main goal in life is to be spiritual: to understand my existence and my surrounding, and to spread positive energy. No matter where I am, that is what I am gonna do.