Project Happiness 365: Day 262


I always felt so guilty about spending so much money on coffee. I love café hopping and getting drinks in Norway gets quite expensive.  But I realised that I love these moments in life. I love sitting by myself getting some coffee or hot chocolate, reading a book, listening to music and watch life pass by. And I always end up becoming friends with people serving me. It’s nice! 

I stopped giving a shit about spending money on coffee.  I don’t have any other bad habits anyways.  I can live with this! 

This is the happiest moment of today  where I am sitting in my favourite café,  reading, working,  doodling,  drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! They are playing so cool music.  


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  1. Haha I’m the same way! I splurge so much on coffee, but it’s kind of my excuse to sit at a cafe and read or draw or do something productive. 🙂


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