Project Happiness 365: Day 255


Lately I have been thinking about my stay in Norway. I submitted my papers for visa renewal but I have received no answer yet. I don’t like this pressure and uncertainty. 

I went to a photography exhibition this afternoon. It was titled ‘Uprooted’, a collection of photos on the theme migration by various photographers at Perspektivet Museum at Storgata, Tromsø Sentrum.There is one particular picture of a girl holding a receiver of a phone trying to talk and onlookers observing her action.  There was something about the picture that was heartbreakingly sad. I think it’s the grim expression of those people.  I had tears in my eyes imagining the situation they might have been in. Leaving their homes, struggle for survival and uncertainty looming around them all the time. Taking pictures of the exhibition was prohibited. So, no pictures!  😔

One of the prime quote of the exhibition by Magnum photographer, Larry Towell (The world from my front porch) brilliantly states the state of this uprootedness: “Land makes people into who they are. Of that I am sure.  If they lose it, they forfeit their solvency and a little bit of their Souls, which they will spend the rest of their lives trying to regain.”

Looking at those heartbreaking photographs of humans being forced to leave their homes/land because of numerous reasons,  I realized how lucky I actually am. I have a room I can call my home, a soulmate that loves me unconditionally,  couple of close friends, opportunity to study, work, dress up, roam around,  hop from one cafe to another freely and come home even in the middle of the night safely. And still I dare to be sad and depressed.  I can’t believe myself.  Uff! 

Sun is still here. I am not gonna complain.  Just soaking up every bit of the glory! 😊 


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  1. Great post and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂

    I wish people of my country (USA) had more empathy to those seeking asylum here. Especially because most of us are the children and grand children of people just a few generations ago who were able to come here and find asylum.

    If I wasn’t so lazy I’d start some project to collect these people’s stories so that they are told again and maybe just maybe we’d give some new group of people a chance.

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    • Thank you.
      I like the idea of collecting stories. I am thinking along the same line myself. So, much is happening around us, can’t keep a blind eye on those happenings.
      You should go for it. Good luck! 😊


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