Project Happiness 365: Day 254


Today was a musical day. The temperature was still 22 degrees and Tromsø was glowing beautifully with the renewed summer glow. There was a music festival in city centre.  I roamed around alone and met my artist friend. I got to taste the best handmade coffee I have ever tasted in Tromsø. It was about time.  

The reason for my happiness today however is this picture I found by chance on the Internet.  It is a little stream near our university.  I have a beautiful memory with him in this place. 😊 

Reason no. 2 is this chocolate.  Our new favourite. It’s an organic milk chocolate with raspberry and lemon bites. Oh it’s a burst of taste in the mouth. Love it. I have been buying this for my favourite people. The cover itself is so pretty, no?

He’s away and I am alone.  It’s nice rejuvenating time alone. 😊 


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