Project Happiness 365: Day 250


Living in Northern Norway has its perks and downside. Summer is almost non existent. I read a witty/funny comment on reddit about Norwegian summer: “I love Norwegian summer. It is my favourite day of the year”.  😂 It is true. This year I truly experienced summer for like 5 days. 

Nights are getting longer and sun is almost soon disappearing.  Soon it will be fall and then there will be snow. And then, the polar nights. Oh! I wish this time of the year never ends. 

Well, I don’t wanna get depressed thinking about it already. Two more lighted month left. On a happier note. I gotta tell you how much I love walking to work from the bus stop in city centre. I drop by this fish food cafe called Pederson (it’s new in town) which sells cheap but good coffee. People there have started to know me and my preference.  As soon as I enter, this waitress says “En kaffe med to kaffe fløte? (one coffee with two coffee cream)”. They have cool fishing themed interior. Even though the people working there aren’t really chirpy bartender type,  they are really friendly and kind. 

Sipping coffee from my take away cup, I love walking along the pier through then Polar Museum-Skanse gata under the long Tromsø bridge to my work. It is quite hidden path and I don’t see a lot of people walking there except for the tourists. Today I noticed that a ferry is under construction.  It looked gigantic from the roadside.

The view of waterscape, the mountains and the pier is breathtaking. 


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