Project Happiness 365: Day 247


Today I had been feeling really shitty. Just felt like I am such a pushover and I actually don’t have any friends. I am like a substitute for everyone. When they don’t have anyone else to hangout with then only they remember me. It felt very bad actually.  

But I came to this cafe I really like in Tromsø called Café Sånn. And these people working here are really friendly to me. They loved me so much. This girl in particular realised that I didn’t look well and I was allergic as I had red eyes and nose. She went to her wardrobe and got me her medicine. They even made an orange tea specially for me for free. It wasn’t even in the menu.

That felt so good.  Their boss is probably the best DJ in Tromsø and a very cool guy. He played some cool music. We had a nice talk. 
I feel better now. I feel grateful that my friendships aren’t entirely lost. I just need to cherish those who truly love me and value my friendship. 😊 

P.S. What did I do to deserve this? She saw that I was getting cold sitting there and got her shawl and wrapped around me. Oh! I think I am gonna cry. 

People aren’t bad altogether!  😊 


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