Project Happiness 365: Day 242


The lesson for today is never attempt to make namkeen in the oven. I tried and failed miserably.  It became like dry biscuits.  Oh! I was smart enough not to bake everything. I had to resort to the usual method of frying. It turned out good. 

Last night my window was like a canvas. The skyscape changed dramatically and so did seascape. It’s beautiful living near sea. I had always been ‘not a big fan’ of water bodies and I definitely did not dream of living in the house by the sea. But here I am, living in this cabin by the sea and it has been very amazing.  I can just watch the changing colors and movement of water and let the day pass by. 


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    • You’re welcome! 😊
      Thanks for the kind words. I use my Sony Xperia Z3 mobile phone camera which is quite good. It’s quite beautiful this part of Norway. 😊


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