Project Happiness 365: Day 236


The best decision I have ever made is to deactivate my Facebook profile.  I had been thinking of doing that for a long time but I never managed. However,  ever since I started working on my thesis seriously,  I have been feeling really guilty over wasting so much time on social media.  I have been quite active posting statuses,  pictures and sharing links on fb. But lately,  I felt more and more alienated and disappointed by the mask I had been putting on social media. So, I made a firm decision to say goodbye to fb.

After deactivating, I have been very productive and creative.  I have been reading,  watching documentaries,  writing and doodling. There are so many things I can actually do instead of mindlessly scrolling Facebook. 

Here’s what I did last night.  

One more fish doodle (almost sounds like snacks). I am trying out stippling on my drawings and it’s very much meditative.  😊 


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  1. How are you!? It’s been a while! I definitely agree your decition. We tend to post our highlights rather than our ordinary in SNS, it’s exaggerate things, isn’t it??
    What a beautiful and kindly picture you wrote! It’s important for us to get precious time rather than scrolling SNS!


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