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Project Happiness 365: Day 265


For today! Very tired and sad!


Project Happiness 365: Day 264


Today’s fixation is the lights. The lights on the ceiling just fascinated me. Radiohead was singing  “It’s always best when the light is out, it’s always better on the outside”. Well I don’t agree,  at least today. Lol!

I took a picture.  

Project Happiness 365 :Day 263


I have been having weird, vivid dreams since a couple of days. Last night I was a saviour of two kids trapped in a sick mental hospital. After I rescued them, they were unsure where to go and I told them to just run and believe in themselves,  rest will be fine. It was so intense that I felt tired when I woke up. And I keep going to these places that look very familiar but I know that it’s not in real life but I have been there in my dream before. 

A couple of days ago,  I dreamt of throwing up three huge fish. I was in a boat to Hong Kong.  Lol!

Well well, I have been doodling a lot.  Here’s my latest one! 

Project Happiness 365: Day 262


I always felt so guilty about spending so much money on coffee. I love café hopping and getting drinks in Norway gets quite expensive.  But I realised that I love these moments in life. I love sitting by myself getting some coffee or hot chocolate, reading a book, listening to music and watch life pass by. And I always end up becoming friends with people serving me. It’s nice! 

I stopped giving a shit about spending money on coffee.  I don’t have any other bad habits anyways.  I can live with this! 

This is the happiest moment of today  where I am sitting in my favourite café,  reading, working,  doodling,  drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream on top! They are playing so cool music.  

Project Happiness 365: Day 261


I am reading Haruki Murakami’s “What I talk about when I talk about running”.  I was not intending to read this book because I have been reading too much Murakami. Everytime I go to bookstore,  I end up buying his book anyways.  It’s like an addiction.  😊 

And the thing I was scared of,  it eventually happened!  I am hooked!  I fell in love with his writing all over again.  But the good thing is that it gives me an inspiration to write and work. So, all in all it’s not that bad!

Project Happiness 365: Day 260


It was a very dear friend’s birthday yesterday.  I sent him a text and asked him what he was upto. He said he spent all day and night in front of the computer editing his song. Then,  he sent me the link. I have been playing that song on repeat! 

P.S. This is what I would call hauntingly beautiful!  Once in a while there comes a song like this that just captures your heart and you can’t stop listening.  They lyrics is very calming yet with a hint of sadness. And the music is something that gets stuck in your head.   Oh! If I were back home, I’d probably go out for a tea and have a long chat with him. Our chiya guff (tea talk) is due since a long time.  😊 

Project Happiness 365: Day 258


If you ever decide to travel to Tromsø,  then you should definitely visit this restaurant called Aunegården. They make delicious food, cakes and coffee. The place is a heritage site and they have beautiful interior complete with a wine cellar. The best thing about this place is however the people working there. They are the nicest and most hospitable I have ever met in Tromsø.  

I had a really cozy time this afternoon reading and drinking coffee there. 

Project Happiness 365: Day 257


Bastard bar tonight. They have jam session on Tuesdays. Funk music is so cool. I can’t stop grooving. There’s a new band and the drummer is fucking insane.  He feels the music.  His stage presence is so strong that you can’t help but just soak into the flow.

Met an old friend.  Catching up! Didn’t manage to take any good picture from this angle but here’s an old one.

Project Happiness 365: Day 256


This is what I did today. Inspired by my niece in Italy. It matches my tshirt so,  it’s cool! 

I did okay with my norsk placement test! Well it was like 80 objective questions. Some I knew,  some I guessed using ‘Eenie meenie minee mo’ technique. Lol! 😁 

I had dinner with a long lost friend.  It was a bitter sweet experience. Hmm I don’t know how I feel about that actually!  I want to forgive and forget but it’s difficult. Friendships like this taught me a lot of life lessons on patience,  trust and my own strength that I am grateful for.