Project Happiness 365: Day 231


My day is beautiful because of music.  If you ask me what is one thing that I love the most in life,  my answer is Music.

Everywhere I go, everything is I do, every experience I get,  every memory I make, music makes it intense and special. My first date with him is marked by the playlist he made specially for the day. My spiritual experience was enhanced because of the extraordinary music we had. I love walking in the woods with my music. Strumming ukulele heals my pain. Humming to a tune while making food is my favourite activity.

I have bonded with so many people because of music. I am even researching music. Today is thus a homage to my love for music. Here’s a video of Jake Shimabukuro covering ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ on his ukulele. I agree with him if everyone played ukulele world would be a much better place.  🙂


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