Project Happiness 365: Day 212


There is something peaceful about living close to nature.  This house we are staying is close to the sea. The window has the magnificent view of the fjord and mountains.  Behind the house is the gigantic mountain wall which is half covered by fog all day long. It’s been raining and we have been indoor. Reindeers came to visit us and have been grazing all day long.

I read a bit for my thesis. My cabin reading list also contains Carl Jung’s lecture. The more I read Carl Jung, the more life makes sense to me.

I went out for a bit to collect some stones for my upcoming project. The feel of raindrops and wind on my skin felt amazing.  I can’t believe it’s summer because the temperature is just 11 degrees and I am still wearing my Puffed jacket. Longing for the time when sun will kiss my skin and I can finally store all my winter clothes and put on something summery.

Meanwhile, life still goes on even though all the petals have disappeared and dandelions are going almost bald.


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