Project Happiness 365: Day 196


I realized this morning that I have been taking project happiness as a chore for a past few days.  I was just posting things that was on top of my head and picture from the day. I mean it’s not that bad as it make it seem but to tell you the truth, my posts are quite mediocre and lame. I admit that it’s not my goal to post amazingly crafted posts every single day. However, just posting random stuffs before the clock strikes midnight so that I don’t miss the day isn’t my intention either. Well, some days I posted just for the sake of posting.
Of course,  I can’t deny the fact that those posts are as much mine as the other heartfelt seriously made posts.
What I really really felt bad about is that I hate the fact that I posted hurriedly before midnight just for the sake of posting and felt relief that I didn’t miss the days’ count. That’s not what ‘project happiness 365’ is about. That’s not how I want to write my blog. I want to be mindful and feel my posts so that those who read my posts and see my pictures can feel the intensity too.
I wish my project happiness 365 gives you as much happiness as it gives to me.



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