Project Happiness 365: Day 193


I don’t wanna complain about my sleep cycle. It’s back to sleeping at 5 am and waking up at 1 pm. I don’t know how to react about it. Well, it’s not all too bad. I’m alone. So, I just listen to music, read a book or just surf the internet. Early this morning it was different. I started reading ‘Man and his symbols’ by Carl G. Jung. I must say Jung is the most misunderstood and underrated psychologist. He bought this book last month but I never managed to read the book. Every time I opened it, I got lost in all the pictures. It is that fascinating.

Last night, however, was different. I was just laying down with the book. I thought I would not get past the first page. But I was wrong. I read the introduction by John Freeman and the first half of the first chapter by Jung.Then, I had to force myself to sleep because it was already 6 in the morning and I had to go to work. The book is that spellbinding.

The book talks about the symbolism as manifested through different mediums especially dreams. It was very interesting for me because I grew up in a society where dreams hold a very special status. Every dream has a meaning. For e.g. when I was growing up, the dream where I was flying or climbing up hill was my favourite because that means something amazingly good is going to happen in my life. I hated the dream where I was walking downhill esp. during or after the exam period that would mean I am gonna fail or at least drop my rank in exam. Seeing snakes in dream meant there is hidden enemy lurking in the darkness ready to attack and you have to be careful. The worst dream one could see is trimming their hair which means that someone close to them is gonna die. So, dreams are usually regarded as the premonitions of some event that is going to happen in life. There are a lot of superstitions related to dreams as well. So, the modern generation is losing interest in interpreting their dreams.

However, reading Jung gave me a whole new perspective to dream interpretation. It was beyond a collective interpretation or superstition. The argument I loved the most is that every dream is unique and can be interpreted only by an entirely individual ‘key’. The book is definitely more than just dream interpretation. And I am looking forward to read the whole book. 🙂



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