Project Happiness 365: Day 190


I am so happy today. I finally got something that I really wished for so long.


A ukulele. Yes, this cute little Hawaiian string instrument. I saw Eddie Vedder growing old gracefully transforming from grunge rock artist to soothing ukulele playing musician. He even has an album called ‘Ukulele songs’. I loved that album. Here’s one of my favourite song.

Letterman is right, Vedder single-handedly made playing ukulele cool.

One of my other favourite singers also performs with a ukulele. Ingrid Michaelson, I love her songs. Oh! this one is so cute:

I have already started with the tutorials. Oh it’s gonna be fun. I have so many plans for summer. 🙂

Update: I had to post this one! I cannot not post it. Who knew Eddie Vedder could make a love song like this? (Ok, he had ‘Last Kiss’ and ‘Soldier of Love’ but come on, this is a whole new level!) 😛


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