Project Happiness 365: Day 188


The theme of today is family. I Skyped with my family after many months. There’s a new member in my family, a little cousin. So, it was very exciting. I usually don’t miss them that much. I have been living away from them for the major part of my youth, so, it’s quite normal. But my cousin (little sister) is done with her school and is back to the hometown. She misses me a lot because I was almost like her mother.

20160613_232320.jpgAfter talking to everyone else, she asked me if she could call me back later and talk to me in private. I was surprised and curious because she never did that. She called me back from my old room where she is staying now. We went through all the pictures, posters and tidbits I had. I strictly asked her not to remove my Kurt Cobain poster and replace it with Taylor Swift’s. We had a good laugh about how I used to call her favourite, Taylor Swift a kiddo and she used to call Ingrid Michaelson, my favourite, a granny.

Then, she got very emotional and reminded me of all the fun we used to have. I was the only one gifting my siblings books and music records. Everyone else in my family either gifts either clothes or money. So, they remember me as the eccentric yet gyani (Nepali: wise) in the family. She talked about how I used to make food, read, sing  for her and helped her with her homework. How she always managed to persuade her parents to let her sleep with me at nights. We laughed about all the bugs and mosquitoes we used to kill in summer. All those power cuts and candle light conversations we had. Oh! I almost cried. It was so nice to see that she remembered me that way. It makes me glad that even though I don’t have a sibling of my own, I grew up with them and we love each other so much. 🙂


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