Project Happiness 365: Day 181


Happiness, these past few days, has been playing Final Fantasy with him. He wanted to me play video games with him. But I wasn’t able to trust myself. The idea of holding a controller, clicking on all those keys and remembering which one does what, was overwhelming. So, I just watched him solve all the mysteries and kill all those Bosses. But now I finally understood the joy of playing video games. After I started playing FFX as they call it, I can’t wait until I get home and start playing. It’s like ‘us time’ taking turns killing those monsters. Why don’t more girls date gamers? They are the coolest,  most fun people in this world.  😋
Holy shit!  I was missing out on life. 😊


The weather in Tromsø has been quite rainy. A lot of rain, wind and clouds! But still life is beautiful.

P.S. I am still not playing Dark Souls because that game seems very depressing to me. 😉


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