Project Happiness 365: Day 164


I am laughing at my inability to write the chapters of my thesis. I seriously cannot write anymore. I have a deadline to send a chapter of my thesis by Wednesday. But I am procrastinating. This post is therefore, a result of my procrastination.Oh! n wait till you hear about my inability to keep my ass (excuse my language!) firmly planted on a seat for an hour and work. I would rather hop from one cafe to another, spend my time standing on the pier watching the waves dance in tune to the music playing on my headset and read shitty facebook stories than sit down and write.

I am sitting here in a cafe drinking coffee, listening to throat singers of Tuva that I interviewed and trying to write but unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like I am getting anywhere. I feel like I have a big block of ‘devoid of words and ideas’ stone preventing me from writing. Ya, you can call it writer’s block. But I guess that’s no the case because I am writing this post.I just tend to overthink and be overly critical about what I write. I write, I delete and I hate myself over not being able to come up with some cool sentences. And then I hate my life.

Well, well. I think I just need to drown myself in Tuvan music and fill my mind with inspiration from the Tuvan landscape. LOL.

But on the brighter note, I have managed to make an outline of what I want to write in this chapter. So, it’s not entirely that bad.


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