Project Happiness 365: Day 162


Today is for movie and music. We went to watch a movie called ‘Miles ahead’. It was about musician Miles Davis. What a fantastic movie. It was hilarious.  I laughed so much.  Norwegian audiences are interesting. Except for two guys in front of us, nobody else laughed. Norwegians don’t express themselves so much. It was like our laughter was almost inappropriate.  But who cares! I had a lot of fun. Music was as you can tell, amazing.  I never knew Davis was such an eccentric character.




Still trying to get used to the sleep cycle. Living in Tromsø is quite a challenge.  When there is polar nights and no sun, you cannot sleep. And when there is sun all the time,  you still end up being awake all night. *sigh* I hope my body gets used to this weird rhythm eventually. Things will be difficult otherwise.


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