Project Happiness 365: Day 150


Rain,  rain, rain.
It’s all about rain.
I loved rainy days quite a lot when I was in Nepal. Everything turned romantic when it rained. I could just snuggle in my cozy bed with my book and a cup of coffee. Listening to the tipper-tapper of rain on the roof was my favorite music to fall asleep to.
But now sunny days are so rare here in arctic north that I just wish nothing comes up to disturb the mood. Alas! Rain came anyways.  And I was almost disappointed.  That’s how life is I guess.
“We hate the rain when it fills up our shoes but how we love when it washes our car”.  Ingrid knows it better. But then I remembered all the happy moments I have experienced with rain. That brought me back to senses.
And I enjoyed the drizzle on my face with all my heart ♥.


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