Project Happiness 365: Day 148


It’s been rainy and grey since yesterday.  We cancelled our plan to go to Lyfjord.

He’s playing Dark Souls II. It seems very interesting. I am not a gamer but I love watching him play. This game seems difficult but it’s fun to watch. It was a nail biting moment when he fought one of the boss ‘The Pursuer’. That was insane.  However,  compared to other games I have enjoyed watching him play, there’s not much of a plot in this one though.

I really enjoyed Alan Wake and Resident Evil: Code Veronica. They were almost like movies, interactive movies. I loved Zelda as well.

Hope I will get my hands on the controller one day. For now I am happy being an audience.

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P.S. These Dark Souls memes make so much sense now. Lol!

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