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Project Happiness 365: Day 133


Last evening we got a chance to witness the most beautiful sunset. It looked like the key to happiness. Today has been beautiful as well. Here is a sneakpeak.


Project Happiness 365: Day 131


Midnight sun is right around the corner. If you have been following my blog then you have heard me ranting about dark period aka polar nights all through the winter. But the good news is now the sun is back. These days sun sets around 21:00 local time.
Ah! I can’t wait until the midnight sun comes. The sun never sets and going for a walk around midnight is one of my favorite things. Going to Lyfjord during summer is going to be so much fun.  I am so looking forward to all the things that we are planning to do.
Today I went for a walk to my favorite Hill with some bollywood music. It was fun. Listening to musical genius AR Rahman amidst the vast surrounding of Norwegian wood was totally unique experience.  I especially like this song called ‘Tu bin bataye‘ from the movie ‘Rang de basanti’.  The backdrop of that song is like an orchestra.  So intricate and so bewitching. I just loved it!

Here are few pictures:

Project Happiness 365: Day 130


Today is haiku poetry day. They are a very integral part of Japanese literary tradition.  English haiku follow 5-7-5 syllables.
Even though I have never written a haiku myself here’s one of my favorites:

“Winter seclusion –
Listening, that evening,
To the rain in the mountain.”

– Kobayashi Issa
And here are few pictures from this afternoon’s walk to work.

Project Happiness 365: Day 129


An early post today.
Such a beautiful day in Tromsø.
I am sitting at Kysten Mathus, sipping latte and watching world pass by. Oh! How lovely life is. I had a lovely morning listening to Solstáfir.

He looked so peaceful in his sleep. 😊

Despite the dark polar nights, when Tromsø transforms to a beauty like this I realize why I love this place with my full heart.



Just like I love him. There are dark clouds and storm but when the sun shines in our lives,  nothing can compare the calmness,  ecstasy and divine feeling it brings. I would go through thousands of tests to have a beautiful time with him. (no matter if it’s just a few moments).

I am hopelessly hopeful about people I love no matter how many times my heart has been broken.
Read this. Such a beautiful way to portray love.

Project Happiness 365: Day 127


There’s something absolutely calming about sitting by the window of a café,  sipping an amazing cup of coffee, reading your current favorite book.


There’s so much happiness in getting your caffeine kick while watching the life outside slowly passby.



I know my life is full of chaos but every single day is a lesson and I am happy for what I have. 😊

P.S. It snowed again but there’s still hope for spring blossoms and beautiful sunny days greeting Tromsø.


I cannot write poems anymore


Verses sting like a N-E-E-D-L-E

Words just entangle like a riddle

Rhymes are all bottled up,

like pickled lime in salt.

Sour, so fucking sour

as they resurface…


I promise again,

I cannot write poems anymore,

words are scattered like ashes,

in my B-R-A-I-N

all grey, pale and dry

All disheveled and dissembled.


I assure you

I cannot write poems anymore

Or hey wait!

maybe I can


Project Happiness 365: Day125


Sometimes I really wonder am I really a bad person? Or is it just that I happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time? Or I just somehow manage to say something wrong? Words, words words.

Today I feel really, ummm…I don’t even know how I should put this. I don’t know how I feel. Everything just happens in such an abrupt way. I couldn’t even decipher what I did. I’m just overwhelmed I guess. But I know that I should not be feeling this way.


On a positive note, my exams are over.