Project Happiness 365: Day 129


An early post today.
Such a beautiful day in Tromsø.
I am sitting at Kysten Mathus, sipping latte and watching world pass by. Oh! How lovely life is. I had a lovely morning listening to Solstáfir.

He looked so peaceful in his sleep. 😊

Despite the dark polar nights, when Tromsø transforms to a beauty like this I realize why I love this place with my full heart.



Just like I love him. There are dark clouds and storm but when the sun shines in our lives,  nothing can compare the calmness,  ecstasy and divine feeling it brings. I would go through thousands of tests to have a beautiful time with him. (no matter if it’s just a few moments).

I am hopelessly hopeful about people I love no matter how many times my heart has been broken.
Read this. Such a beautiful way to portray love.


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