Daily Archives: March 23, 2016

Project Happiness 365: Day 105


I read something very interesting just now. It was like reading a page from my own diary. I have been feeling what this guy is feeling. You know the feeling of being lost, being alone, not being able to communicate what you are actually going through with anyone and waiting for that moment of epiphany.  I am not gonna spoil this for you.

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“No one is going to save you; no one is going to hold your hand through this fire. You alone must do that”.

I have promised myself that I am gonna work really hard and get my shits done. I am keep on doing the creative stuffs that I used to do. I am getting back on track and it feels good.


Here’s a picture of one of the best cheesecake I had at Smørtorget this afternoon. If you ever visit Tromsø,  you should visit this café. Located at one of the oldest lane of the city, this place is a cultural hub. Not only do they have one of the best coffee and cakes in the city, they have art, handicrafts, and second hand books for sale.