Project Happiness 365: Day 102


Today is a very special day. Firstly, sun finally decided to show up. 


I’m writing this post sitting in my favorite restaurant in Tromsø: Skirri with my favorite chili tea. After the long cold winter, I can finally sit here in my t-shirt and chill. Tromsø looks purely beautiful today. Sun lights up everything and it seems like a ray of light unraveling a hidden gem.



So, I am making the most of this moment,  soaking up the sun and listening to Beatles ‘Here comes the sun’. 😊


And most importantly,  it’s the world happiness day. My goal in starting this project on my blog was to find something to be happy about every single day. It’s not been that easy task but I have managed quite good until now. Except for not posting on time twice, I have found reason to be happy every single day.


To be honest,  I have also felt quite pretentious a couple of times. Especially on those days when I am going through some stressful situations and I have to make a post, I have felt like I am deceiving myself and my readers into believing that I am happy every single day. But come to think of it, I do have a reason to be happy everyday because I have someone to love, I have some good friends, experiences and lessons and I have good music, books and art. What more do I need?


Happiness is everywhere.  It’s just a matter of perspective and choice that we choose to think otherwise. It’s futile to actually being disappointed and distressed over trivial things and people that won’t matter in the long run.

I am happy, I will be happy and through my post spread happiness.
And nothing is gonna change my world. 😊


Here’s one of my favorite songs for this special day.


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